Losing a spouse. It ranks among the most stressful things a human being can endure. When I lost Gail 17 months ago, Breitbart Unmasked chronicled some of the psychotic abuse hurled at me by William John Joseph Hoge III of Westminster, MD, and his associates.

Tonight, Mr. Hoge knows how I feel. He reports on his website, Hogewash, that his wife, Connie, died tonight from a recurrence of metastatic breast cancer.

I sent Mr. Hoge a brief note of condolence. I was sincere in the way that any person who has suffered a similar loss would be sincere.

Time for reflection will come later. Hoge will have time to think about how he spent his time and money on this futile wild goose chase of perpetual lawsuits when he had to know his wife was dying. This is the same Mr. Hoge who says in court documents that I “fled” the state of Maryland to move to Milwaukee after my wife died on June 17, 2015. I know there is only so much a husband can do when he knows his wife is in the terminal phase of a disease. I was criticized by Hoge and his readership for “wasting my time” blogging as Gail’s condition turned fatal. This is the same Mr. Hoge who provided his friends with images of my dying wife that were meant to be kept private. The same Mr. Hoge who greeted the news of my wife’s death, not with a note of condolence, but with a motion informing the court that my motion for a delay in a hearing until after my wife’s illness resolved itself was now moot since she was dead. The same Mr. Hoge who knows the identity of people who have posted pornographic, slanderous, disgusting images and stories about my late wife after her death, information that would help me remove that information from these purulent websites.

The same Hoge who ensured that I was tried in a criminal court for the supposed crime of violating a no contact order for offering any assistance I could to get information for him and his wife regarding clinical research into cancer treatments going on at the National Institutes of Health, my former employer. I was found not guilty.

I have no reason to believe Mr. Hoge did not love his wife as much as I loved mine. I have asked my friends and associates to refrain from adding to Mr. Hoge’s pain in any way. I sincerely hope that as time goes by his thoughts about Connie will turn from the grief he must feel now to warm memories of happy times.

I hope that as he reflects, he comes up with the same conclusions I did — how much time and effort I wasted on trying to defend myself against these people who have been trying to find me guilty of something — anything — since 2012.

I have learned a lot about life since Gail died. I hope Mr. Hoge is still capable of learning.