Former BU writer Bill Schmalfeldt (seen above) has departed Maryland forever, bringing a permanent end to William Hoge’s pathetic ‘lawfare’ campaign against him in the state court system.

Before moving to his new secure and undisclosed location in the Midwest, Schmalfeldt made sure to drop all outstanding legal actions against Hoge and the ‘Lickspittles,’ the readers of Hoge’s blog who entertain themselves by inventing new ways to torment Schmalfeldt.

In the past, those efforts have involved forging evidence to frame Schmalfeldt for crimes, creating and commenting from fake profiles of real people to entice Schmalfeldt into ‘doxing’ and contacting unaware strangers, sending prison uniforms to his mailbox, and personally delivering at least one bag of excrement to his front porch.

This behavior was relentless. When Bill’s wife Gail passed away recently due to organ failure, a number of taunting memes turned up in Schmalfeldt’s email inboxes within hours, some accusing him of killing Gail.

Hoge’s preferred method of Christian charity harassing Schmalfeldt was the peace order, Maryland’s term for restraining orders. Eventually locating a friendly judge who did not understand (or did not care) how Twitter actually works, Hoge then misused a process invented to protect victims of abuse by submitting hundreds of bogus criminal charges against Schmalfeldt for the ‘crime’ of tweeting.

For Schmalfeldt, who has advanced Stage V Parkinson’s Disease, each trip to court was a humiliation and a severe inconvenience. But the criminalization scheme was eventually undone by Hoge’s erroneous choice of venue, a decision that has since been upheld in Hoge’s county of residence under the res judicata principle.

Schmalfeldt’s departure from the scene compounds a growing dilemma for Hoge. In recent months, the female members of the Kimberlin family have proven fearless in calling him out at the courthouse. As Hoge’s most ardent smears of Mr. Kimberlin all pretend to speak for the very females who are now telling him to back the hell off and leave their family alone, it is increasingly difficult for Hoge to support his absurdities outside of the belief-bubble within his own blog.

Yet Hoge’s misleading and dishonest updates about Schmalfeldt and Kimberlin have also produced the vast majority of his comments, page loads, and other measures of site traffic. This is not surprising, given that the only other topics appearing on Hoge’s website are (1) ‘borrowed’ NASA astronomy articles and (2) daily variations on a joke that he appropriated from the Warner Brothers cartoon Pinky and the Brain.

Hoge cannot maintain the semblance of popularity that has sent him to CPAC’s Blogbash party for the last three years on such a thin gruel of content.

Of course, for the sake of convenience, Hoge would prefer his next victim or victims reside in Maryland, or perhaps Virginia, where his sociopathic friend and legal adviser Aaron Walker lives in Manassas. But any new objects of wrath must also incite and please the Lickspittles, too.

Will Hoge and his minions now be forced to find a new target (or targets) for their strange little hobby? Will they insist on repeating the same tired memes and libels forever, or find a new shiny object to distract them? Or will the clique be left without any forwarding address for their RAEG?

BU will monitor this transition so that you don’t have to.

3 thoughts on “Christian Sadist William Hoge And Friends Must Find A New Hobby”
  1. Hasn’t Goddard employee and possible evidence forger WJJ Hoge threatened to sue Breitbart Unmasked on several occasions? Are his threats hollow, weak and as scary as a baby throwing a tantrum?

    Or does Goddard employee and possible evidence forger WJJ Hoge only sue the infirm and the mourning?

    1. Honestly? I don’t live in Maryland or Virginia, and that severely complicates the project. But I do find it very telling that I have dared Goddard employee and possible evidence forger William Hoge to sue me several times for calling him things like that, but he never has followed through.

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