I hope he’s not just blowing off steam. Remember, he agreed to be waterboarded to prove it was not torture if someone donated a significant sum to war vets. Someone came up with the figure Sean Hannity suggested as a donation and he never spoke of it again.

So, when “Square Head” Hannity says he’s going to bail out of FOX News, maybe as soon as after tonight’s show, one has to tamp down one’s excitement with the fact that Sean Hannity is a lying sack of dog excrement who never did anything for anyone that didn’t benefit Sean Hannity first.


Hannity may leave the conservative news network as early as after this evening’s broadcast following Monday’s resignation of Fox News co-president Bill Shine, reports the Daily Beast.

According to the Beast, sources at the network state that negotiations between Hannity’s lawyers and the network could end this week with Hannity off the air by Friday. Another source said Hannity could say his farewells this evening.

Hannity is known to be very close to Shine, once saying the network ousting him would be the “end of FNC as we know it.”

According to New York Magazine editor Gabriel Sherman, Fox sources say Hannity has a “key man clause” in his Fox contract that would allow him to leave the network at any time.

So, best advice? Ice down the champagne and be ready, and try not to be TOO disappointed if the poncy little chicken hawk decides having a paycheck is more important than keeping his word on a matter of personal veracity and dignity.