Ask yourself, if WJJ Hoge III weren’t likely to do it, would Brett Kimberlin file a pre-trial motion to stop him from doing it?

Kimberlin filed a motion in limine — a motion discussed outside the presence of the jury, to request that certain testimony be excluded — to keep Plaintiff WJJ Hoge III from destroying the reputation of a former Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge.

According to the motion, Kimberlin seeks an order:

In addition to an order to prevent Hoge from throwing handfuls of slime at a retired judge, the motion asks that self-described “omniscient” Hoge not be allowed to prevent other evidence, such as:

Hoge, who often challenges judges during court hearings over their knowledge of the law — an area Hoge seems to consider himself as superior to actual judges — has said he will file an opposition, claiming it is his right to slime the reputation of a retired judge, to violate Maryland Rule 5-609, to humiliate Kimberlin’s wife, to introduce hearsay as evidence, and to bully teenaged witnesses.

What a sweetheart.

By Publius Varinius

Roman praetor in 73 BC, proconsul in 72 BC, Courts and Law Reporter for Breitbart Unmasked

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