A shamefaced FOX NEWS has just reported that the allegedly missing FBI text messages have been found.

The Department of Justice has recovered missing text messages between anti-Trump FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, the DOJ’s inspector general said Thursday.

In a letter sent to congressional committees, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz said his office “succeeded in using forensic tools to recover text messages from FBI devices, including text messages between Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page that were sent or received between December 14, 2016 and May 17, 2017.”

“Our effort to recover any additional text messages is ongoing,” Horowitz said. “We will provide copies of the text messages that we recover from these devices to the Department so that the Department’s leadership can take any management action it deems appropriate.”

They once were lost, but now they’re found? Was FOX NEWS blind, but now they see?

Or is this all part of the massive left-wing, and possibly even George Soros-financed secret society plot to silence FOX NEWS and make the people defending Donald Trump’s obstruction of justice into the Russia collusion investigation look… STUPID?

Ask yourself…

Would responsible patriotic adults spend days and days incessantly bleating that “THEY” are all in it together to keep Donald J. Trump from KEEPING AMERICA GREAT if there were not some truth to the allegations?

A report from Raw Story will cause us to scratch our heads until they’re bloody and raw, trying to suss out who is lying… and who is not!

According to TV Eyes, Fox News made 90 mentions of the so-called “secret society” in January. The network and GOP guests alleged that text message showed that FBI agents were out to get President Donald Trump.

However, text messages obtained by ABC News on Wednesday suggested that FBI agents were joking when they used the term “secret society.”

But that report was never mentioned by Fox News and there is no record of a clarification from the conservative network.

Media Matters’ Lis Power counted 20 mentions of “secret society” just on the Tuesday and Wednesday editions Fox & Friends, widely considered to be Trump’s favorite morning show.

Would a congressman, let’s call him “Nunes” (hypothetically), say that he has possession of a secret society memo that secretly points to upper management folks at the FBI collaborating to bring down the Donald, and then refuse to make the memo public because that would blow the whole lid off this nefarious scheme and we can’t have that?

A Wednesday letter signed by a Trump appointee in the Department of Justice blasted House Intel Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) for not allowing the DOJ to review an anti-FBI memo as House Republicans push for the document’s public release.

The letter, from Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd, revealed that the House Intel Committee had turned down FBI Director Christopher Wray’s “personal appeal” to review the memo. It also suggested that Nunes himself has not read the underlying intelligence that it is said to form the basis of the four-page memo.

“We believe it would be extraordinarily reckless for the Committee to disclose such information publicly without giving the Department and the FBI the opportunity to review the memorandum and to advise [the House Intelligence Committee] of the risk of harm to national security and to ongoing investigations that would come from public release,” Boyd said.

Would people on the right scratch and claw their own eyes out of their sockets in the hopes that if they can’t see YOU, that means you can’t see THEM as they deny (with straight faces) the obvious fact that the SECRET SOCIETY at the FBI is a JOKE, created in the sarcastic messaging between two FBI agents who were illicitly exchanging bodily fluids and, who knows — SECRETS?

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) joined the ranks of other Congressional Republicans, including Reps. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and Matt Gaetz (R-FL), who took to TV this week to tease the release of Rep. Devin Nunes’ (R-CA) anti-FBI memo. They also floated the existence of a “secret society” within the FBI, pointing to a single text between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page widely believed to have been a joke.

Speaking on the Senate floor, Schumer blasted Republicans for engaging in efforts to “discredit” the FBI.

“Republicans and the right-wing media have been desperate to distract the nation from his investigation,” Schumer told his colleagues.

“It got so out of hand, I couldn’t believe this, that a Republican congressman suggested special counsel [Robert] Mueller’s investigation was a ‘coup’ on the floor of the House,” Schumer said, referring to a speech Gaetz gave in November 2017. “That congressman ought to go back and read his Constitution and read his history books. Rule of law is not a coup.”

As the investigation hones in on the President, could it be that Republicans are howling and gobbling in despair over their ineffectual and increasingly-humorous attempts to sidetrack attention away from the fact that Donald Trump is about to be rotisserie-roasted over an open flame of truth, the dripping juices making spattering sounds as they hit the fire as the air fills with the rich, enticing aroma inviting all within nose-shot to come and feast on the abject failure of the Trump Presidency?

Could be.

By Langston Hews, Staff Writer

Always intensely subjective, passionate, keenly sensitive to beauty and possessed of an unfaltering musical sense, Langston Hews has given us a 'first book' that marks the opening of a career well worth watching.

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