Julian Assange had a court hearing today in the UK to quash his old arrest warrant. Attorneys for Assange tried to point out to the court that since the original Swedish charges were null and void, the original arrest warrant to hold him should also now be null and void. The court disagreed with that assumption and held that the warrant remains in full force. Assange of course told his readers that it was all fake news and the government only won on one point and lost on all the rest.

But when the court refused to lift the warrant, Julian tweeted: “Wall to wall fake news stating stating the government won today’s hearing. Nothing of the sort has happened.

“The hearing is still happening. Only one point has been ruled on.”

Those who are still interested in Assange’s freedom will more than likely continue to wait on further appeals of this initial ruling, which could take several more months of legal wrangling before the case is eventually disposed with or resolved. Ecuador, who has given Assange citizenship, has become tired of Assange being holed up in their UK embassy, and for the last several months they have tried in vain to resolve the situation so Assange will be allowed to leave the embassy and finally move to Ecuador. It appears that for now Assange and Ecuador will continue to wait.