Allen West, former U.S. Representative from South Florida, did a strange thing to pledge his undying allegiance to the Tea Party fringe, making a stop in West Palm Beach and getting himself a bonafide tattoo, according to the Broward/Palm Beach New Times.

That’s it on his forearm in the photo above.

The tattoo sports a catch-phrase among gun nuts who swear Obama is  going to break down their doors and take their guns any day.

“Molon Labe,” a Greek phrase, translates to “come and take it.”  King Leonidas challenged Xerxes  with the battle cry before the Battle of Sparta, and the phrase was revived during the Texas Revolution.

“I said to take a pic with him,” says John Wylie, the shop’s owner. “I expected people to talk shit, but we do it with anybody who comes in that’s notable.”

It’s apparent that the Tea Party is going overboard in trying to look cool for the millennial crowd.

Although the reactions to the tattoo were mixed on Instagram, it’s doubtful that tattoo will swing any votes or win any elections.


[Image credit: Broward/Palm Beach New Times ]