Good looking men and their rescued animals are the theme of this new calendar I came across while stalking reading comedian/actor John Fugelsang’s tweets.

Fugelsang has adopted several pets over the years. He’s one of the stars of the NYC Rescue Men alongside his  most recent cat, Bix.

The calendar also features actor/ environmental activist David Chokachi and his rescue, Mia.  

Each man / animal pair tells their story. Here’s what the front looks like:

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The money raised from the calendars will help raise awareness for homeless animals — urging people to “adopt, don’t shop” and benefit Pillows for Paws and Grandpa Dave’s Creature Comforts — two organizations that provide beds and toys handmade by volunteers, toys and chewthings, grooming and medical supplies, and many other requested items to the city shelter on a monthly basis.

You can learn more about the NYC Rescue Men 2015 Calendar here.

  • Ratcraft

    It’s time to teach women not to objectify men.

    • freakycatlady

      If only that statement held true for both sides. i don’t mind giving to a worthy cause and I do need a new calender. There is nothing wrong with having a look, looks are fine, touches are another story.

      • Ratcraft

        Yes because it happens all day everyday. I just Moms would teach their daughters not to objectify men. Maybe one day Hollywood will stop making all men look dumb and GI Joe will have a more realistic build. Maybe one day moms will stop genital mutilation on their baby boys.

        • SandyLee

          This calendar is simply a cute way to raise awareness for a good cause. This is no different than the millions of calendars out there objectifying women, except that many of those calendars require the models to be nude and there often isn’t a charity attached to it.

          • Ratcraft

            That is no excuse to objectify men.

    • Felicia

      No men, nor companion animal, are ‘objectified’ in this publication. The men each share beautiful stories about saving their furry friends from a variety of unpleasant circumstances. Yes, I find most of the men attractive, and their pets impossibly adorable.

  • Jade

    I think this calendar is a great idea. I’m all for anything that will raise awareness for homeless animals. I don’t think this calendar is objectifying men at all. I think it is portraying 12 men who obviously have very kind hearts, and that to me is more attractive than looks.

  • Jasmine35

    This calendar is a really good idea. I like the fact that it is real men and their rescue pets that all have the same beliefs. I too am a firm believer in adopting pets since there are so many of them out there that don’t have a home. Every animal I have ever had I have rescued.