Cliven Bundy, the welfare rancher who famously inspired militia kooks to have an armed standoff with the Bureau of Land Management in April, appears in the political season’s weirdest new ad (above) to promote Kamau Bakari, a candidate for the Independent America Party.

“I know the black folks have had a hard time with the slavery, and you know, the government was in on it. The government is in on it again,” says Bundy, blithely ignoring the role of the federal government in upholding the civil rights of black Americans. Just like the last time Bundy had something to tell us about “the negro,” he is blissfully unaware of just how idiotic he sounds when complaining that “a man ought to be able to express himself without being called names.”

Bakari, who represents the fringe libertarian view, tells Bundy “I’m as sick as you are. I feel ashamed when I hear black folks whining about ‘white folks this,’ ‘white folks that.’ Always begging.” Perhaps Bakari was thinking of Michael Brown begging for his life as he was shot six times by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson.

Bundy, who owes more than a million dollars in grazing fees, responds: “It’s almost like black folks think white folks owe them something.” Present company excepted, of course, because Bakari has thoroughly internalized the rhetoric of the oppressor in order to win Bundy’s approval.


    Bundy talked to a black person once, and in the land of Teabagistan, that qualifies him as an expert on race relations.

  • OooShiny

    Consider the possibility that Bundy knows exactly what he’s doing and exactly what he’s saying; he just doesn’t give a fark.

  • Philli

    Ha! Black folks think white folks owe them something, eh? How about their freedom, equality, dignity, just about every other open wound that was inflicted on African-Americans that was never healed.

  • Cuanta

    I am livid. How is it possible that anyone can think this way? Of course African-Americans have something to say about white people! Of course white people owe them something!