Is your child afraid of monsters? Do they ask you to check underneath the bed at night? Don’t worry — there’s an app for that. Meet Monster Scout, a new iOS game created by Monomyth Studio.

Monster Scout is designed to help parents hunt monsters with their children. Meant to alleviate children’s bedtime fears of monsters hiding under beds and in closets, the Monster Scout app helps young children cope with fears, lessen anxiety. As a part of a regular routine, the app helps promote a “take-charge” attitude when faced with all things that go bump in the night.

The app is designed with imagination in mind — and begins its monster-hunting task by performing a quick smartphone scan of the bedroom. This lets parents and children determine if any creatures are hiding out in dark corners of a bedroom. Monster Scout uses identification technology to scan the room for werewolves, vampires, ghosts, mummies, swamp creatures, and bogey-men. Much like hunting for a virus on a computer, the app scans the room, and if found, the child is able to push the “monster remover” button to zap the dangers from the room.

If a parent deems some of the monsters too scary for kids, the app features parental control settings to allow parents to control which monsters, if any, pop up. (If you have a child with an over-active imagination, you can set the app to “never” find monsters!) It also allows parents to turn off and on individual monsters. Or, for the more adventurous monster-hunting family, there’s also a built-in flashlight for searching in dark corners and under beds, playful sound effects, and the ability to share found monsters with other family members and friends.

The goal of the app is to teach children to perceive “monsters” differently while allaying fears of the dark. Kids who don’t have nighttime fears have happier and healthier sleep routines. Monster Scout empowers families to become their own monster detectives to search out and remove any monsters lingering before bed, so everyone can get a good nights sleep.

[Image Credit: Monomyth Studio]