In 2013, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio fell while entering a building, and was hospitalized with a broken arm.

This is what Arpaio said about the fall back in 2013 in a video released by the Sheriff’s Office:

“What happened is I blame myself, I fell and I broke my arm… tell you one thing I wouldn’t recommend that situation to anyone” said Arpaio.

Now, Arpaio has filed a lawsuit asking for his medical bills to be paid by property owners of the downtown Phoenix building where he tripped and fell. He claims that there was a piece of metal sticking out of the sidewalk and a drainage grate and he tripped over it. Arpaio is seeking damages including pain and suffering and physical injury. He also wants compensation for his medical bills.

He says that he is still suffering from the fall to this day.

The controversial Sheriff is no stranger to lawsuits. It appears this may be the first time he’s on the filing end.  He’s currently fending off a lawsuit from immigration rights advocates over illegal workplace raids and in 2012, he lost a massive lawsuit brought by the Department of Justice for racial profiling.

Could it be that he’s trying to gin up some extra cash for a retirement? (It’s never too soon, Sheriff Joe!)