man flies Nazi flag
man flies Nazi flag

A man in the town of Ghent, just outside Norfolk, Virginia, hung a Nazi flag in front of his home because he was upset with President Obama’s executive action on immigration.

He said, “I am not a Nazi. I am half-Jewish. I hung the flag after watching President Obama last night. Obama usurped his Oath of Office. I wanted people to be shocked because I am offended.”

After being confronted about it by another resident who saw it  posted on Facebook, the flag was taken down.

NewsChannel 3’s Barbara Ciara went to interview the man who had hung the flag. He identified himself as Dr. William Wheeler.

There is only one Dr. William Wheeler (a radiologist) listed in the vicinity of Norfolk and Ghent.

He said that he hung the flag because he wanted to offend people. According to Ciara, “Dr. Wheeler says for those who are offended by what he did, he says he is offended by Obama bumper stickers and everything that the President stands for. And if you are shocked by his actions, that was his goal.”