Thanksgiving parade

Look out, America, medical marijuana is truly going mainstream.

Good Intentions Medical Marijuana Services will be the first legal marijuana related business to join the ranks of well-known, established businesses in the McDonald’s Thanksgiving Day Parade’s 80 year history.

“It’s time to give up on the argument that marijuana has no known medical value” says Good Intentions founder and CEO, Tammy Jacobi. “Now is the time to educate our children that there are many substances people can use to treat their debilitating conditions and medical marijuana is one of them.”

Good Intentions’ Thanksgiving Day Parade float will emphasize the company’s history of “growing” with Illinois through the process of licensing medical marijuana patients.

The float will feature a 12 foot banner with the theme “Growing With Illinois” and will be complete with a garden of flowers in bloom. According to Jacobi, “just as plants grow and flower, the company has blossomed into an organization that provides hope for the most seriously ill citizens of Illinois. And when it comes to our children, let us not forget the shrewdness of Thomas Jefferson – Honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom.”

Good intentions provides a plethora of service related to streamlining the medical marijuana process for patients, including physician coordination and referrals, fingerprint background checks, official state forms assistance and verification of state required documentation. Jacobi added “I am profoundly moved that our company continues to make a difference in patient’s lives. We’re also very proud of The State of Illinois for the hard work and dedication they’ve contributed in order to bring this program to life.”