Above: James Henderson prays on the Alabama state house floor

Alabama Christian Coalition executive director James Henderson and one of his forced-birth activist allies will have to explain themselves to the Alabama State Bar Association Office of General Counsel for having filed a lawsuit on behalf of other plaintiffs.

Neither person is licensed to practice law in the state of Alabama, a precondition for filing suit on behalf of another person. Their responses will be considered at the next meeting of the Unlicensed Practice of Law Committee.

Henderson, a longtime forced-birth activist who sued the city of Huntsville after the zoning board granted a variance to the Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives (AWCRA), recently lost that case when it was dismissed with prejudice.

The city’s motion to dismiss detailed Henderson’s actions in the matter, such as pretending to represent AWCRA’s neighbors. That successful motion was forwarded thereafter to the Bar Association, prompting their investigation.

If the Committee finds that Henderson has practiced law without a license, he will receive a cease and desist affidavit to enjoin him from doing it again.

It is unclear whether the matter will affect Henderson’s new plan to push for a retroactive ‘buffer zone’ between AWCRA and a nearby school campus. As I reported on Monday, his new legislative initiative against the clinic could potentially create an opportunity for reproductive rights advocates to draw the hypocrisies of the forced-birth movement into sharp focus.

Allison Aranda, a California attorney for the Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLDF), also took part in the zoning case. But her failure to find local counsel for Pro Hac Vice services in a timely fashion has led to complaints of altering a notarized document in her home state and practicing law without a licence in Alabama.

In related news, Henderson’s fellow Huntsville forced-birth activists can’t seem to figure out the name of the doctor they’re protesting.

The child with the sign was observed almost stumbling into traffic Saturday
The child with the sign was observed almost stumbling into traffic Saturday
6 thoughts on “Alabama State Bar Assn. Investigating AL Christian Coalition Executive Director”
  1. “forced-birth activist”? Now that’s a new one. Is he also a “forced sex activist”
    who makes women have sex so when they get pregnant, he can “force” them to give birth?

    Pro-Life = life
    Pro-Choice = death

    1. Henderson is a forced-birth activist because of his creepy hobby of controlling the lives and bodies of women. He should mind his own business and leave women alone.

    2. So women are having sex by themselves and getting pregnant from it? Weird, but what a miracle reminds me of the Christmas story, Wow!

  2. No wonder he feels he can do as he wants when the punishment is such a slap on the wrist! He should definitely get more consequences than a cease and desist order.

  3. I really wondered about the legal standing of the CA attorney to practice law in Alabama at the time of the case and questioned it more than once.

  4. More damage is done by those who report false claims to the better business bureau. Nothing to write about here. Lame article.

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