William Hoge and Aaron Walker have been criminally charged under Grace’s Law, a Maryland statute designed to protect children from cyberstalking and internet harassment. BU first called attention to Hoge’s bizarre fascination with a minor child in March.

The complainant is Tetyana Kimberlin, the very woman from whom Hoge and Walker attempted to suborn perjury against her husband in 2013. She made the complaint on behalf of her teenage daughter, who has been the unwilling subject of creepy behavior and constant libels by both men as part of their relentless smear campaign against her father.

In recent weeks, Mr. Kimberlin has tried to obtain a peace order against Hoge, who avoided the action by refraining from his normal activities during the 30-day window in which harassment must take place for a court to issue an order of protection. The statute under which Hoge and Walker were charged today has no such time limit.

The charges come less than a week after a Maryland judge finally quashed a peace order that Hoge has repeatedly obtained under false pretenses to enable his harassment of Bill Schmalfeldt, a former writer for BU. Hoge’s peace order was issued in the wrong county, an instance of venue-shopping, but that did not stop Hoge from filing hundreds of bogus criminal charges against his political enemy.

Schmalfeldt suffers from advanced Parkinson’s Disease and his wife is also terminally ill. Hoge, who styles himself a Christian, has led a small cadre of his readers in devising sadistic ways to pervert justice with the conscious objective of jailing Schmalfeldt. Hoge’s minions have tried forging Schmalfeldt’s signature on “harassing” mail, used the identities of third parties to try and provoke the retired journalist into ‘doxing’ innocent bystanders, contacted law enforcement to make false reports, and enacted other schemes aimed at projecting their own, potentially criminal, misbehavior on Schmalfeldt.

Walker, a Virginia attorney who has played fast and loose with the laws of Maryland for years, has been Hoge’s de facto legal adviser in all these matters. Walker has been trying to destroy Mr. Kimberlin since 2011, when he inserted himself into a separate libel case that was none of his business and even assaulted Kimberlin. During 2012 and 2013, Walker and Hoge tried suing Kimberlin twice for alleged criminal harassment, but were laughed out of court for lack of evidence. These humiliations explain why they tried, and very nearly succeeded in, perpetrating a fraud on the court.

In addition to prohibiting the use of a computer or computer network to harass a child directly, Grace’s Law forbids Hoge and Walker from making “any statement, whether true or false, intending to immediately provoke, and that is likely to provoke, any third party to stalk or harass a minor.” Hoge has never once cracked down on the sickening commentary of his deluded little fan club, but rather feeds their fire with mendacious reporting on his various legal shenanigans.

Hoge’s main Twitter account was also banned recently for constant harassment in violation of the company’s Terms of Service. Rather than take personal responsibility, Hoge claims that sinister forces colluded to have him banned from Twitter with false reports. See how that works?

BU will stay on top of this story — even though we wish we didn’t have to.

UPDATE: True to form, Walker has responded with minimization and denial as he tries to pretend someone else’s name is on the charges:

Brett has caused another set of criminal charges to be filed against me and John Hoge, claiming that we harassed his daughter electronically.  True, it is not officially written in his hand, but in my opinion, it is being driven by him.  Indeed several passages from an alleged copy of the charges are copied word-for-word from recent filings by Brett Kimberlin.

Walker laughs off these charges, but he might want to note that under Grace’s Law, the only element required for a conviction is the testimony of a child that he or she feels harassed — and Kelsie Kimberlin has already testified to that effect twice in open court. What does he suppose a state’s attorney is going to think of his response?

ADDING: Maybe when they accused Kimberlin of abusing his family, Hoge and Walker were actually thinking of Bill O’Reilly?