Three open carry ‘activists’ appeared outside the Patton Village and Splendora, Texas police departments on the day after the Dallas attack to express solidarity with law enforcement — and unintentionally reminded everyone how utterly ineffective they are for stopping crime.

Last Thursday night, armed civilians at the scene of the Dallas attack did absolutely nothing to stop Micah Xavier Johnson from killing five police officers and wounding six. In fact, their weapons complicated the job of police, who wasted time and resources pursing false leads and arresting people with no connection to the shooter.

According to the Montgomery County Police Reporter, two days later open carry exhibitionist James Evans wanted “to show police that civilians stood by them, that they aren’t alone” by posing with his AR-15 outside of two police stations with friends Roger Tarrant and Paul Wilson.

“I am tired of seeing officers slain for doing their job,” he said. His message was heard by many, as citizens and local businesses began sending water and food for them to enjoy. “We had to put some of the food on the hood of our truck just so people would know that we were good,” joked Evans.

The trio even got the support of Roman Forest Chief Stephen Carlisle, who stated he supports these young men and the Roman Forest Police Department thanks them for having their backs. He stayed and chatted for a while as well as took several photos with them.

After confirming that the men were harmless attention hounds, the Splendora Police Department updated their Facebook status to ask the community not to disrupt traffic by stopping to take pictures, please.

My favorite is the one on the right wearing the Reagan-Bush tee shirt, because both presidents eventually favored gun control. Dissonance always wears well with firepower

Despite the enthusiasm of local residents, statistical evidence suggests that the military assault rifles lovingly cradled in the men’s arms are far more likely to be used to kill police than to defend them from an attacker.

To date, no cosplaying civilian has ever actually stopped a mass shooting event with an AR-15. But mass shooters do seem to prefer them, so Evans, Tarrant, and Wilson wanted to make sure everyone could see how manly they look with all that firepower. ‘You liberals can’t take away our manhood just because someone else has misused theirs! THIS IS STILL AMERICA!!!’

As far as we can tell, the impromptu ammosexual pride parade didn’t actually protect any police or prevent any crimes, and probably accomplished nothing more than to waste a bit of their time on a Saturday afternoon. But it made these guys feel better about themselves after Dallas, and it got umpteen gazillion Facebook shares at, and aren’t those the things that really count?