Independent Milwaukee Journalist Tim Pool has released a video claiming that people who look too white are no longer safe in the city. While he claims he is of Asian decent, he feels that he looks too white, and therefore others who look more white than him, in his opinion, are not safe in the city from African Americans or Black Lives Matter protesters.

Well, no one said being a reporter was fun or even safe. At times journalists get killed for reporting in war zones. Its pretty amazing that this reporter feels he can no longer cover events in his city, and that he feels he has to either stop reporting or leave town because he feels somewhat white looking, and then as an aside, he spreads fear amongst whites that they are no longer safe in their own town either.

Pool, who has previously done work for Vice, made this video after he saw a white kid being shot in the neck yesterday. Pool is not white––”I’m Korean, I’m mixed,” he said––but he said that “for those that are perceivably white, it is just not safe to be here.”

He didn’t want to believe it was unsafe for anyone who looks white, but combined with that shooting, some protesters chanting “Fuck white people!”, and some other reporters being confronted, Pool said he was concerned about remaining in Milwaukee.

He made it clear that this wasn’t coming from everyone in Milwaukee, but “there’s enough people who are screaming things about white people and reporters being attacked” for him to decide “it’s not safe or smart to be down here.”

Hey, if you don’t like reporting on the hard issues you can always go and report on puppies and kittens. Or even go to work for Chorp.

Sorry, no sympathy here Tim. Reporting is a hard job, and people who do it are to be commended for their perseverance and hard work while doing it. Its also a job, and you don’t always get to pick your assignments. But if you come out as a hard core reporter who reports on hard core issues, well, expect it will get rough from time to time, as that is what the job description calls for. It ain’t always pretty, and it doesn’t always pay very well, but its a job you chose, so stick with it and don’t run away from it, else why call yourself a reporter.

H/T Mediate