R.S. McCain with his employer Ali Akbar

Now that he faces a second lawsuit, our friend Ali Akbar tried to put on a brave face last night:


Note the tweet has been favorited by @BomberSues, which is an Ali Akbar production. This is exactly the sort of behavior that led Brett Kimberlin to file a R.I.C.O suit against Akbar in the first place, and we doubt Akbar knows any other way to behave. Being part of a movement that constantly indulges in magical thinking, he may even believe that he looks stronger for being favorited by his own sock puppet, but all we see is a fraud digging his hole deeper.

4 thoughts on “Ali Akbar Is The Echo Chamber”
  1. The truly entertaining aspect of McCain and Akbar’s reaction to their situation is the way they lash out at ME! As if I were the person accusing them of Civil Rights violations, RICO crimes, other state law violations. I’m just writing about this shit as I wait for the Maryland Court of Appeals to decide whether or not Hoge’s “peace order” passes the constitutional sniff test.

    Could it be that they are seriously so deluded that they BELIEVE the judge is gonna toss the case because — Kimberlin? Do they really believe that everyone has the same, unreasonable, psychotic hatred for Kimberlin that they do? Or will the Federal District Court Judge be deemed the newest member of “Team Kimberlin” as this case goes forward?


    1. Well, look at the way they begin every legal pleading with five pages about things Kimberlin did, or that they claim he did, in 1979. They think this advances their interest because they cannot imagine a judge seeing it for what it is. This is why they keep losing, then acting all stung and indignant. They have never figured it out and will never change.

  2. RICO is a very serious charge, whether civil or criminal. The defendants in the Kimberlin RICO case are whistling in the wind if they do not take this case with the utmost seriousness. Federal judges do not play, and for the defendants to act like this is a state case is beyond stupid.

    I am going to say this once. At some point in this case, and I expect that it will be sooner rather than later, there is going to be an adult come in the room and take control of this case. That adult, who is going to be a seasoned lawyer representing one or more of the well-heeled clients, is going to put his foot down and settle this case for the defendants who are smart. It reminds me of what went on the past few weeks in Washington DC. Cruz and the Tea Baggers got the rest of the GOP in big trouble and it hurt the brand maybe beyond repair. Finally, the adults came in the room and said enough.

    Who is going to be the adult this case, and how much money and damage is he going to allow the others to inflict before he steps in? I know if I were the lawyer representing a defendant, I would already be on the horn trying to shut this down. The damage from this suit may not be apparent to the defendants who are personally involved and invested. But as an attorney, I see very dark clouds on the immediate horizon to those who want to ignore the reality of RICO.

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