What year is this? Six decades ago, Rosa Parks sparked the Civil Rights movement by refusing to sit at the back of the bus. This video, which came to us from FirebrandProgressives.org, depicts a man trying to relive the Jim Crow era on a modern-day New York City bus. Don’t try to drink liquids while you watch, or else you will do a spit-take when this unidentified man says that “this is why we need Donald Sterling.”

An old white guy gets on a bus in New York City and has the audacity to ask a black woman to get up from her seat and move to the back of the bus. Here is the exchange, which begin after the man asked her to move:


WHITE PASSENGER: “Because the back of the bus is over there… I mean the black of the bus is over there.”

BLACK PASSENGER: “Excuse you?”

WHITE PASSENGER: “Yes, I want that seat.”

BLACK PASSENGER: “Why do I have to go to the back of the bus?”

WHITE PASSENGER: “I want that seat.”

BLACK PAASENGER: “No, I’m not getting up cause you’re being… no… you’re being racist.”

The white passenger then insulted the black passenger’s hair, and said, “this is why we need Donald Sterling.”



Update: This video appears to be a hoax.

5 thoughts on “White Man Tells Black Woman To Sit At The Back Of The Bus (Appears to be a Hoax)”
  1. Ok, so where is the 3 Percenters and the Militia movement to stand up for this angry white aggression against this proud African American woman? I want to know where these OATHKEEPERS are to protect the constitutional rights of this woman? Where are the tent set ups? Where are the angry whites who yell and scream at the BLM? Where is the OUTRAGE by the Bundy clan that this proud African American woman has had her rights abused? Where are the guns? Where is the rage??

    Oh that’s right. They only protect other white privilege from imagined abuse at the hands of imaginary shadow government land grabs of their own lands and not people who are really being abused. I’m sure they will find this white cracker and give him a reality show. New on Bravo TV: BACK OF THE BUS at 8:00 pm followed by OATHKEEPERS at 9 and POOR WHITE TRASH at 10…

  2. This event was a hoax organized by an actress and serial prankster named
    Zaida Pugh, who posted that video to Facebook on May 4, but claimed the
    event occured on May 5. Pugh specializes in these sort of “performance
    pieces”. She was even interviewed about them back in March: http://newsone.com/2995994/zai

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