Move over, Angry Birds — there’s smarter, more relevant app for the bookworm crowd and it has quickly become the most-downloaded word-related cell phone game available in app stores.

Meet WordBase.

WordBase is a competitive game — the creators describe it as a “duel on words” that requires strategy and brainpower, to outwit your opponent. In the game, two players fight over who will be the first to touch the other’s base. Wordbase combines strategic elements from classic board games like Chess and Checkers with internationally well-known word puzzles like Wordfeud and Scrabble.

Creating, selling, and marketing the app has been a family affair since 2013, when a pair of 19-year-old Danish twins Andreas and Rune Mehlsen, first got the idea for Wordbase in collaboration with their father. They just wanted to make a smart, fun word game. According to App Reviewer at the TV version of The Morning Newspaper The Jutland Post, “JP.TV”, Thomas Bigum, the competition amongst app-developers is fierce: ”The number of apps developed is overwhelming, and they are all screaming and fighting for our attention”, Bigum says about the marketplace for apps today.

However, the Danish family overcame the odds, and it has spread across the world as one of the most-downloaded apps in online stores. To date, WordBase has bragging rights to 350,000 downloads, 2 million completed games and a staggering 30 million played words, making it one of the most popular word games of all time.