Rock the Vote is back and ready to encourage a new generation of voters to turn out to the polls this November, and they’re framing the request with an all-star cast of players. “Turn Out for What,” a play on Lil Jon’s summertime anthem “Turn Down for What,” is a catchy little number that encourages voters to turn out and vote for the causes they care about.

The star-studded cast also hints at their personal passions. Lena Dunham, a.k.a. Lil Lena, is turning out for reproductive rights. Devendra Banhart wants to fight for climate action and to halt deforestation. Natasha Lyonne believes passionately in the need for prison reform. (Lil Jon himself says he is supporting the legalization of marijuana.)

Check out the new Rock the Vote video below..(and pass it on to any Millennials you know!):