Ted Cruz comic book released on Veterans Day proclaims Ted a superhero

Really Big Coloring Books has outdone themselves this time.

As a special thank-you for all the veterans who sacrificed so much for our country, they have re-issued their best-selling Ted Cruz coloring book alongside an 8-page coloring book “short” that shows the makings of a true American hero — Ted Cruz, of course.

No, Ted Cruz never served in the military, but what does that have to do with Veterans Day, anyway?

So here’s the cover of Ted Saves America. (I think they may have meant to put “Senator” in quotes, too.)
Ted Cruz Saves America
The eight (8) page supplement is complimentary with the purchase of their other Ted Cruz themed coloring book, Ted Cruz to the Future.
Ted Cruz to the Future Propaganda Coloring Book
“Releasing the book and supplement on Veterans’ Day corresponds with 2nd Amendment values,” Really Big Coloring Books, Inc., the company behind the coloring book series, said in their press release.

(Yes, creating a coloring book honoring man a man whose father fought in Cuba alongside Castro on Veterans  Day certainly reflects an NRA-themed set of values.)

Like all stories of true American heroes, Ted’s journey starts in Cuba. Then moves onto Canada where Ted is subsequently born.

Ted Cruz's Journey To American Hero

Cruz is a hero for fighting against the evil hydra of Obamacare. Health insurance is the number one threat to citizens of America, alongside illegal immigration, high taxes, lawlessness and injustice.

Cruz fights the evil hydra

Of course, the story of Ted Cruz the superhero also ends in the White House in 2016. He hath slayethed the dreaded hydra.

Now, as a superhero with health care,  his citizenship is no longer in question, because the nation is full of sick people who can’t afford health insurance.

It’s now time for him to take his throne of power, just like all the superheroes before him.

From Canada to the White House
PACs, SUPERPACs, and mega-churches can buy copies of both coloring books in bulk for less than the $5.95 cover price.

[Image Credits: Really Big Coloring Books, Inc.]