It’s Thursday Threatcon, your intelligence briefing on right wing activity. Below are the best reports, investigations, exposées, and debunkery of the wingnutosphere this week. Due to the GOP cage match tonight, our Threatcon Color Code is PANDERING PURPLE

  • Why are 44% of toxic release reports erroneous? Maybe because the Department of Homeland Security allows chemical plants to self-report them
  • Jennie McNair returned home with her children to find the house destroyed and covered in racist grafitti
  • The reality show candidate: Donald Trump is of course the wild card because of his growing popularity with the ‘outer party’ — grassroots conservative activists, evangelicals, and right wing paranoiacs who lately marched under a Gadsden flag and called themselves a Tea Party, and whose relations with party leadership are strained. I expect bellicose nativism and nationalism in Trump’s answers to policy questions, but he should prepare to fend off jabs about his ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton
  • I’m going to say this again: anti-GMO propaganda is the new anti-vaxx propaganda, and I will burn it with fire wherever I find it lurking in progressive ranks
  • The Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in New York City has killed seven times as many Americans as the world’s largest Ebola outbreak. Surely this epidemic deserves nonstop 24-7 screaming headlines and fearmongery?
  • Speaking of fearmongery: the vast majority of health-related web pages are sharing your information with third parties. Surely First Look and The Intercept are on the case? Surely?
  • ZeroFox, a private security firm which monitored #BlackLivesMatter protesters in Baltimore, labeled two prominent Twitter activists as “threat actors.” One of them was DeRay McKesson, the same activist that racist trolling pseudo-journalist Charles C. Johnson wanted to “take out” in the tweet that got him permanently banned from the social network
  • Why are #BlackLivesMatter activists asking questions about the death of white teen Zachary Hammond last month in a scenario that sounds suspiciously similar to the murder of Samuel DuBose? Because the #AllLivesMatter ‘movement’ is completely silent about it, which says a lot for their motivations — and because there are plenty of white Americans who understand what #BlackLivesMatter really means
  • Minor incidents: the Jade Helm-related ‘shots fired’ reports at Camp Shelby appear to have been set off by 61 year-old Afred Baria deliberately making his pickup truck backfire; Vincente David Montano, the hatchet-wielding mentally ill man who attacked strangers in a Nashville movie theater yesterday before he was shot dead by police, was unable to legally obtain a real firearm because his name was in the NICS system
  • Land of the free: a Fort Wayne, Indiana teacher is being sued for isolating and stigmatizing a seven year-old child who committed the crime of expressing his atheism

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