Just days after word leaked that Donald Trump was engaged in a payola scheme with Breitbart News, the website has spent all day today touting the reality show candidate’s new fascist immigration plan.

As described glowingly above thousands of openly racist comments expressing joy and satisfaction, Trump’s plan would involve forcing Mexicans to construct a Great Wall to American specifications, requires revoking or ignoring the 14th Amendment, and triples the size of a federal agency to enact mass deportations.

In the words of Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, Trump’s plan is “absolutely insane. Xenophobia completely off the scale. We’re talking batshit, cubed.”

Linking to no less than six Breitbart News articles, Trump’s brown Apartheid proposal reflects the values and imperatives of his immigration issues adviser, Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama. That relationship dominates the entire front page at breitbart News this evening. An article fondly recounts Sessions’s long career in immigration hysteria, the front page is dominated by the senator’s endorsement of the plan, and columnist Matthew Boyle indulges Sessions’s infighting with Marco Rubio. Breitbart’s editor-in-chief and Chairman Stephen Bannon are discussing it all on satellite radio tonight; like Sessions, Bannon is a longtime ‘Groundswell’ participant, fomenting and shaping the conspiracy narratives that always seem to lead inexorably from Breitbart News to the halls of Congress: IRS nonprofit reviews, Benghazi emails, and more.

Indicative of the gathering idiocracy in our time, corporate media organizations rarely see fit to note these relationships, and rather serve as channels for amplification of the message by ‘reporting the controversy.’ Sessions has a lengthy history of racist fringe John Bircher views and a history of pursuing voting rights organizers with criminal charges, but these facts will likely have little mention in discussions of a plan that Sessions has visibly influenced and endorsed. In all probability, its nakedly-racist and deranged foundations will remain mostly unexamined because this particular variety of bigotry has an ardent community of interest on the right. Alabama, the state Sessions represents, is a good example of the deeply-conservative red state politics at work. A Republican wave passed one of the most infamous ‘self-deportation’ laws in the country after the 2010 election; most of that legislation was struck down by a federal court. As posted at Trump’s website, Sessions would go even further right than HB 56 did, building a virtual army to fight a virtual war with America’s southern neighbor.

Donald Trump reportedly paid for access to the echo chamber where fringe becomes mainstream, and he’s getting his money’s worth. As right wing blogs chime in to rave about it, his popularity with nativists like Ann Coulter makes him the candidate to beat in the Republican race.

One thought on “Trump Payola Pays: Breitbart Debuts Fascist Immigration Plan”
  1. I’d love to see someone in our glorious news media ask Donald Trump and whoever’s in charge at Dead Andy nowadays about this incestuous little cross-promotion.

    Not because the answers would be illuminating, but because the outraged sputtering would be amusing.


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