My new article, “A True Detective Investigation Of Donald Trump,” investigates the extreme unreality show known as Trump’s campaign for the Republican Presidential nomination. This column, inspired by Hunter S. Thompson’s polemics against Richard Nixon, features quotes from the television series “True Detective” and satirical music videos about “The Donald.”

“Transference of fear and self-loathing to an authoritarian vessel. It’s catharsis. He absorbs their dread with his narrative. Because of this, he’s effective at proportion to the amount of certainty he can project.”

Donald Trump is a raving beast who has channeled the fantasies of frightened paranoiacs and illiterates into staggering poll numbers.  His eruption of popularity may herald the onset of a new Republican brand of “White Identity Politics.” A modern day Morton Downey Jr., Trump emerged from his palace of privilege to cast stones at the “elites” while earning the admiration of mouth-breathers everywhere.

“What do you think the average IQ of this group is, huh?”


The demented demagogue Trump is the apex of a long line of right-wing hyenas expert at creating false consciousness among the angry and resentful wing of the proletariat. Aping degenerate swine Richard Nixon’s “Southern Strategy,” he champions the return of the “Silent Majority.” Donald Trump’s jingoistic “Make America Great Again” farce is a thin cover for his naked self-interest. He is more invested in preserving repatriation (i.e., a loophole that allows corporations to dodge their taxes until they “bring the profits back to the US”) than patriotism.

“Every time I think you’ve hit a ceiling, you, you keep raising the bar. You’re like the Michael Jordan of being a son of a b-tch.”

Donald Trump has been a grubby little hustler for his entire life.  My satire music video “Old Trump Donald Owned A Slum” describes how Trump’s real estate empire was built upon a foundation of racially restricted covenants, mortgage discrimination, and red lining.

“Do I strike you as a talker or a doer, Steve?”

This knee-crawling toad of a used-car salesman was not content to just pick a fight with Mexican people. He proceeded to degrade veterans and POWs by implying that Senator John McCain was not a hero because he was “captured.” Although many pundits suspected that “The Donald” jumped the shark by making these attacks, this did not prove to be the case. “John McCain’s My Hero, Baby” imagines a world where a less shallow and contemptible Trump pays tribute to the sacrifices that McCain made for our country:

“The world needs bad men. We keep other bad men from the door.”

Megyn Kelly, the moderator for the first debate between Trump and nine other unscrupulous little warts, called out Trump for his often misogynistic tweets.  Here is a précis of his tweets in song form: “Trump is not politically correct.”

“People incapable of guilt usually do have a good time.”

And then there was this: After the debate, Trump said that Kelly had “blood coming out of her wherever.” In Trump’s case, the Low Road is not the road less travelled.

Tonight, Trump holds a huge pep rally in the belly of the beast (Mobile, Alabama) which his campaign estimates will attract 42,000 people.* Trump is a political monster, and he taunts GOP Chairman Reince Priebus with jibes of “Whatcha gonna do with all that Trump? Media’s spending – spending all their time on me – they always talk about me.”

Song Credits:

“Old Trump Donald Owned A Slum”

“John McCain’s My Hero, Baby”

“Trump is not politically correct”

“Whatcha gonna do with all that Trump?”

Lyrics by James Rustad. Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved.

*Trump’s crowd in Alabama turned out to be roughly 20,000 people on Friday night.

By James Rustad

James Rustad is a songwriter/vocalist/guitarist based in the Tampa Bay (Florida) area. His political satire music has been featured in Breitbart Unmasked, The Washington Post, Seattle PI, Alaska Dispatch, Firebrand Progressives, Politicalgates, Inquisitr,, The Bergen Record, Air Occupy, and other top publications and media outlets. Check out for more catchy tunes, follow James on Twitter @jamesrustadsong, and like jamesrustadmusic on Facebook!

2 thoughts on “A True Detective Investigation Of Donald Trump”
  1. Great commentary as to why the fearful loser/gerbils listen to him…like the Germans did to Hitler! IMO

  2. Donald Trump has become the champion of “innuendos”.
    I believe it was in Halberstams “The Best and The Brightest”, where he pointed out a line from Lyndon Johnson.
    Johnson had insinuated that his opponent was sleeping with someone other than his wife. One of Johnsons friends pointed out that his accusation was totally false. To which Johnson responded that he knew that, but he enjoyed seeing the man deny it.
    And that is what Trump has been doing since day one! Throwing out anything that comes to mind and then watch the press run with it.

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