This is a special edition of our regular THREATCON feature, your intelligence briefing on right wing activity. Due to the Donald Trump phenomenon and the decline of the Democratic Party, our Threatcon Color Code for 2016 is RED NATION RISING

  • Dear liberal/progressive soul: how many seats do ‘the facts’ control in Congress? Of course you’re right about absolutely everything, but how many Supreme Court justices do you get to appoint? How many state legislatures do you control? How many governors’ mansions? If you can’t vote for a candidate who represents 99% of what you want, and refuse to vote for a candidate who represents 50% of what you want, then you will get nothing you want — and quite possibly be stuck with lots of changes that you oppose. In short, the lesser of two evils is actually less evil
  • On social media, I see far too much self-congratulatory discussion of the Republican Party as being on the verge of a crackup because the presidential race is producing a clash between grassroots and leadership. In fact, Democrats are the weaker party on the state level and in Congress, while the most ardent supporters of Bernie Sanders have turned insurgent against party leadership and promise to oppose Hillary Clinton if she wins the nomination. This is no recipe for a liberal renaissance, and writers who claim a GOP victory will somehow make the Democrats a better party are kidding themselves
  • Remember how Karl Rove encouraged evangelicals to put anti-gay marriage referendums on the ballot to lift George W. Bush to reelection in 2004? Expect a reprise of that strategy this year, but with transphobic bathroom ordinances, so-called ‘religious freedom’ initiatives that actually enshrine bigotry, and so forth. There will be lots of ugly legislation this year aimed at motivating the Kim Davis demographic to the polling booth
  • As House Republicans vote yet again to defund Planned Parenthood, abortion access is under greater threat than any time since Roe v Wade — and with clinics being closed by TRAP laws, women are increasingly turning to the internet for bad self-abortion ideas
  • In a break with routine, Planned Parenthood is endorsing Hillary Clinton this weekend. That’s how endangered reproductive rights are in America
  • The latest contrived union-busting Supreme Court case is also a stalking horse for culture warriors who want to impress their god on public schools
  • Repeat after me: tax cuts do not create growth. Keep repeating this until November
  • Fresh off his lead poisoning of the entire city of Flint, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has just signed a bill he shoved through the legislature that gags local governments on ballot issues and doubles the maximum PAC campaign contribution limit. This is what the greater evil looks like
  • Donald Trump has pinned his campaign to an apocalyptic, suburban sense of American decline, so the latest clash at one of his rallies saw supporters tear a sign to shreds that read: “America is already great
  • This week, Rachel Maddow finally dispelled the widespread notion that Donald Trump is unique or unparalleled in the history of American presidential politics. He actually belongs to the George Wallace tradition:


One thought on “The Year Of Bundys, Ballots, And Bullets: THREATCON 2016”
  1. • Jerry DeLemus thinks the government is engaged in psyops? Okay, Jerry, no more Call of Duty for you, it’s past your bedtime.

    The lesser of two evils is actually less evil. This needs to be put on tee shirts.

    • It never ceases to amaze me that Righties need some small group they can loathe with all the passion they can muster in order to get out of bed in the morning. First, it was a cartoon version of black people, then it was a cartoon version of gays, then a cartoon version of Latinos, then a cartoon version of gays who wanted to marry, and now it’s a cartoon version of transsexuals. It must be exhausting to keep up on who to hate.


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