It’s Thursday Threatcon, your intelligence briefing on right wing activity. Below are the best reports, investigations, exposées, and debunkery of the wingnutosphere this week. Due to Sen. Chris Murphy’s successful filibuster, our Threatcon Color Code is SUPERMAN SHIRT

  • The wisdom of the 24 hour rule was made crystal clear by the way the early narrative of the Orlando massacre fell apart. We quickly learned that Omar Mateen had frequented the Pulse nightclub, used gay dating apps, and pursued a gay relationship, but hid his real self from his family so well that his own father doesn’t think he was gay. Warped by shame, secrecy, and self-loathing, Mateen was a ticking time bomb of “bipolar,” gun-toting rage before the Islamic State ever existed
  • Since yesterday, when I published a 5,000-word analysis of weaknesses in the Donald Trump campaign that the Hillary Clinton campaign can potentially exploit for a devastating victory, Trump has already managed to highlight many of those flaws. He’s a lazy fundraiser, ignores advice, sets subordinates against one another for fun, and lags far behind Clinton in building a general election campaign machine
  • In an example of how these weaknesses impact Trump’s response to the news cycle, Clinton has already issued a statement reacting to the assassination of British MP Jo Cox today by an assailant who reportedly shouted “Britain first!” while shooting and stabbing her. Trump has yet to mention this tragedy at all. In the days since the Orlando massacre, Trump’s worst personality traits have been on full display because no one can rein him in
  • For the aforementioned reasons, polling data suggests that Trump is dampening enthusiasm in the Republican electoral tent
  • I confidently predict that Trump will regret going to war with the Washington Post
  • Tech billionaire Peter Thiel’s legal vendetta against now extends to specious litigation over their excellent reporting on Trump’s hair weave specialist. Theil will be rubbing elbows with white nationalists at a ‘libertarian’ conference in Turkey this September
  • The Orlando massacre led Jim ‘Gateway Pundit’ Hoft, widely known as ‘the stupidest man on the internet’ for the amazing credulity he gives every idiotic conspiracy theory that arrives in his email inbox, to come out of the closet after years of hateful gay-baiting
  • Ten years ago, Trump was accused of destroying email evidence in one of the thousands of lawsuits that have been filed against his companies for breach of contract
  • Trump has not ‘hijacked’ conservative orthodoxy on Islamic terrorism, he has intensified it. Which is another way of saying that Republicans are all out of ideas when it comes to the international relations challenges of the 21st Century; their politics are mere posturing

  • muselet

    • Under a (very) different set of circumstances, I would have felt a good deal of sympathy for Omar Mateem. Unfortunately, 49 innocents died because he couldn’t figure out how to have a happy life.

    • It’s fun to watch Donald Trump’s campaign become a slow-motion train wreck, but let’s not get too cocky. A lot can happen between now and the general election.

    • Another mic-drop moment for Barack Obama. Pity it will have no effect on the mouth-breathers.

    • The response to the Orlando murders of all too many Christian leaders has been nothing short of obscene.

    • Late-term abortions are almost always necessary and almost always are sought by women who want to have a child. To claim otherwise is one of the more disgusting lies coming from the fetus fetishists.

    • We’ll just have to wait and see if Brandi Swindell’s Stanton Healthcare turns out to be an actual provider of healthcare or if it plays the same cruel games other “crisis pregnancy centers” do, like stringing women along until they can’t legally obtain abortions, then effectively abandoning them (pro-life, my arse). (No, I’m making no accusations. I hope Swindell’s operation is on the up-and-up. Too many others are not.)

    • “For its part, the school has claimed that the entire incident was an accident and the boys were just being playful when they put a rope around the girl’s neck.” Presumably, the boys were playing the ever-popular game of Lynch Mob.

    • It doesn’t surprise me that Focus on the Family would be pushing its materials for schools. It also doesn’t surprise me that those materials are irrelevant at best and appalling at worst.


  • E.A. Blair

    ” Trump’s worst personality traits have been on full display because no one can reign him in.”

    That’s “rein”, not “reign”. A reign is what Trump wants.