According to a WFAA report, a Watauga Texas mosque was threatened by a man claiming to be an Army Veteran who hated muslims and wanted to see them dead.


“[Expletive] Mohammad. [Expletive] Islam,” he says in the recording. “This is America. If you don’t like the way we do [expletive] get the [expletive] out.

“Because let me tell you something. People like me and my other military brothers are [expletive] heavily armed to the teeth.”“I’m a Christian and let me tell you, I’m your [expletive] enemy,” he says. “I hate you and you will never be a [expletive] friend. We will cut all of your heads off. Do you understand me? All of you.”

A statement by the Council on American-Islamic Relations(CAIR) said they feel this rampant islamophobia causes others to become more radical in their approach to Muslims.

“There’s a lot of people who are reading a lot of info online and unfortunately it adds to them becoming radicalized in their thinking towards Muslims,” she said. “And so they want to take some sort of action.”

What I truly dislike about these cowardly drama queens who love to threaten people anonymously, is that they claim that their Christianity somehow makes them better than anyone else. I’ve seen some of these so called Christians on the internet, and from seeing their input online I have to say they are not only an insult to Christianity, but religion as well.