Before we begin, let us recognize the verifiable fact that William John Joseph Hoge III is a fraud. A fake. A thief who openly plagiarizes the work of others and claims it as his own. He is a liar, a back-stabber, and in our opinion, a vexatious litigant whose unfounded, ungrounded lawsuits are the only thing that keeps his shriveled, ischemic heart beating.

WJJ Hoge III is the sort of person who builds himself up by attempting to tear other people down. He is a racist (see his Fauxcahontas post today where he congratulates the Republican Senate for silencing Senator Elizabeth Warren for entering a letter from Coretta Scott King into the record). He is a sexist (no doubt expecting an apology from Lena Dunham for not living up to his ideals of feminine pulchritude like — say — a certain teenage girl he was once accused of harassing).

WJJ Hoge III is a dying old man. 69-years old, failing health, he relies on his shrinking cadre of readers to correct his numerous errors in spelling and grammar. The only question in our mind is, which stops first? His useless blogging, or his heart?

But WJJ Hoge III still feels feisty enough to engage in what we think of as “dick measuring” contests. Hoge lays his dry, dusty, withered manhood on the table and says, “BEAT THAT, BOYS!”

We at Breitbart Unmasked prefer to keep our zippers up. But if Hoge wants to measure penis size, let’s see how his unsmoked cheroot measures up against those of his friends.

Ali Akbar, for instance.

The diminutive felon, convicted of stealing from an elderly woman and for breaking into a van to steal its contents. A dishonest little skeeze who used his suspicious relationship with Karl Rove (who once claimed Akbar as his personal “intellectual property”) to climb the tea party ranks, launching an online magazine called “Viral Read” which has not published an article since 2013. Loves to cloak himself in rotting mantle of Andrew Breitbart and now, at a time when the alt-right is on the rise, for all we know Akbar may have had to go back to boosting vans and robbing old ladies.

Akbar’s Twitter feed claims 39,000 followers.

Ali’s influence has vanished from the political scene, and even Breitbart bigwigs like Stephen K. Bannon obviously have no use for the little felon from Fort Worth.


But at least Akbar has a Twitter account. His right-hand man, Robert Stacy McCain had his Twitter Account permanently suspended. He worked for Akbar during the brief lifespan of Viral Read.

Rapid growth since February 2013? Viral Read published its final story on February 7, 2013.

A failed journalist… racist…

Woman hater…

In addition to his extreme right wing news aggregator blog, “The Other McCain,” this dried-up shell of hate writes an occasional column fir the extreme right wing American Spectator.

Which brings us to a Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney who sacrifices any shred of impartiality every day he writes his “Patterico’s Pontifications” blog.

Patrick Frey has a long-running vendetta against Brett Kimberlin, Breitbart Unmasked, and everyone else who dares point out what a reckless hack and charlatan he is.

A victim of a practical joke which he blamed on Kimberlin without a shred of evidence, Frey was shown in e-mail transcripts to be up to his eyebrows in a conspiracy to find something — ANYTHING — to hang on Kimberlin. He has been unsuccessful. In addition to his dreadfully unappealing and difficult to read blog, Frey continues to draw a paycheck as a district attorney while writing for Red State.

Another lawyer, Aaron Walker, seems to be WJJ Hoge III’s best buddy and unofficial lawyer. He has been so busy running Hoge’s lawsuits (although not licensed to practice in Maryland) that he has neglected his own blog since last June. Walker has been called “the worst lawyer in the world”, the sort who crows about “Victory!” when a case is dismissed on a technicality.

Speaking of phonies, Paul Lemmen likes playing dressup. He pretended to be a flag officer in the military.

And now, TA-DAAAH! He’s an Eastern Orthodox Priest, although no recognized organization in that denomination will recognize his imaginary ordination.

But he looks nice in a dress!


When you consider whether or not to trust the word of someone like WJJ Hoge III, look at the people he surrounds himself with. Felons like Lemmen and Akbar, racists and misogynists like R. Stacy McCain, right wing hacks like Patrick Frey.

These are all people with multiple websites, many of which are based overseas or on free platforms like or But when you’re an Internet Sleuth Internet Stalker with nothing to say that doesn’t have the desired intent to destroy your enemies, real or imaginary, then we think a little sunlight is an appropriate disinfectant.

Akbar has slithered back under a rock. He doesn’t even seem to blog anymore. McCain still has his audience looking for something or someone to hate. Frey walks a very thin line between maintaining credibility as a public servant and being seen as a partisan hack, Aaron Walker is, in all likelihood, a marginally-developmentally-disabled adult whose Daddy got him a law license he can’t use since he can’t hold a job, and Father General Brigadier Pope Lemmen…, need we say more?

When they tag and bag WJJ Hoge III, will he be mourned? Or will there be a sigh of relief? Will the good Earth hold his body? Or will his lonely grave spit him out like spoiled, sin-tainted garbage?


By The Portly Pundit

After four months in the belly of the right wing media beast, and after a full four days of hot showering, everyone's favorite Portly Pundit is once again weaving tales of progressive pulchritude on Breitbart Unmasked.

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