Can Steve Bannon hear himself when he speaks? The man who almost put an accused child molester into the US Senate and gave an admitted serial sexual abuser access to the Doomsday Button has just called former President George H. W. Bush a “pervert.”

Dead-eyed. disheveled stew bum Steve Bannon, interviewed by Vanity Fair, seemed to forget the recent past of people he supported.

“The Bush presidency is the most destructive presidency in history. James Buchanan included. It’s not even close,” Bannon told Vanity Fair, comparing George W. Bush to the 15th president, who has been called one of the worst in the country’s history.

Bannon went on: “And by the way. I haven’t even gotten to 9/11. I mean, 9/11! Think about if 9/11 had happened on Trump’s watch. We would have gotten  100 percent of the blame by the Bush guys. And they said,  well, we just got here. What do you mean you just got here? That’s what gets me about them coming after Trump. I really detest them. I mean, the old man is a pervert. He’s a pervert. Grabbing these girls and grabbing their asses?”

Hey, Steve. Ask your old boss. When you’re a star they let you do it.