Kellyanne Conway, whose role in the Trump administration seems to have been reduced to “comedy relief,” dropped a steaming pile of nonsense into the wide-opening, unquestioning maw of Fox News by claiming reporters are scared of Trump.

“I’ve seen this many times, that folks are very bold on social media against the President, they’re very bold on cable TV against the President. And then when they’re in his company, the knees start knocking, I’ve actually had to pick up people’s cell phones that they dropped and hand it back to them,” Conway said on Fox News.

She made this ridiculous claim while discussing Baron von Trumphausen’s Tweet of Jan. 2 claiming he will announce the ““MOST DISHONEST & CORRUPT MEDIA AWARDS OF THE YEAR” (caps his) next week.

“I think the struggle there will be how in the world to narrow it down to one or two winners in each of those categories,” she said on Fox News. “I’ve seen this firsthand over the last couple of years in being with candidate- and now-President Trump. You have a lot of folks out there in the mainstream media who work hard to try to get it right. You have people who are trying to get the story; you have many who are trying to get the President.”

One wonders at what point somebody in the Trump inner-circle to use the words of the iconic comic-strip possum…


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