Oddly enough, the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee aren’t willing to take “I don’t wanna” and “the White House told me not to” as excuses. As a result, former Trump adviser Stephen K. Bannon was slapped with his second subpoena today.

The residue on the sole of Trump’s golf shoes, only slightly less-sanitary, was subpoenaed last week by special counsel Robert Mueller in his investigation of Trump campaign ties to Russia, and Bannon will be required to testify before a grand jury.

Bannon went before the House Intelligence Committee, where Fox News congressional correspondent Chad Pergram reported he was issued another subpoena.

Apparently, Bannon told the committee that he was told by the White House not to answer lawmakers’ questions about the administration or the Trump transition, although he did not claim executive privilege.

However, lawmakers compelled Bannon’s testimony on those topics by issuing him a subpoena during the closed-door session.

Not sure at this juncture if the two-shirt-wearing pond scum complied with the committee’s demand today or if that will come at a later time.

By Langston Hews, Staff Writer

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