Monster is the devil's energy drink?

A viral video making the rounds on the internet features a Monster drink conspiracy theorist. The helpful lady has a complicated theory. So she created an entire fold-out presentation explaining why she believes that Monster energy drinks are the work of the devil, literally. (Spoiler alert, there’s some hidden “666” symbolism in there.)

Unfortunately, the internet is full of an abundant array of similar conspiracists. (Including that pastor I wrote about the other day who thinks that Starbucks injects their flavored beverages with semen.)

It’s important for these types of videos to go viral. It’s an important reminder that these whackos are real – and P.S. they vote, so you should, too.

  • Cuanta

    Yes, that’s right: “this is how clever Satan is…” and how incredibly stupid you are! Wow, this woman needs to get a life. Do people like this really exist?

    • razzytaz

      Yes, there really are stupid people out there. Seriously though, how many people actually believe this. I am sure some people think that it is true. I don’t drink Monster.

    • Dodie Peterson

      Sadly, there are more idiots out there like this than you’d think. I’ve seen various things going around Facebook about the M logo being some sort of Satanic or evil symbol. It always shocks me when I see people that I thought were intelligent buying into it. It’s helped me cull my friends list, though.

  • Spiderwoman

    Witchcraft? That has nothing to do with Satan. Wiccans don’t even believe in the devil or hell. This woman is really reaching for connections. I always thought the stylized M was supposed to be claw marks from the Monster. What a loon.

    • Jasmine35

      I was thinking the same thing when I was watching this. Witchcraft has nothing to do with Satan. I think she needs to get her facts straight before she comes up with a ridiculous theory like this one. Oh and by the way, my husband drinks Monster energy drinks all the time, should I be concerned?

  • Philli

    Where do people get ideas like this? And why do we keep feeding them fuel by giving them attention like this? Here I am contributing by commenting too.