The right wing witch hunt against Planned Parenthood was already many years old in states like Texas, Ohio, and Indiana when David Daleiden promulgated his ‘baby parts for cash’ hoax. Always among the worst offenders, last week the Florida legislature prohibited state agencies from any dealings with the organization at all. Asked where poor women are…

  • muselet

    I believe it’s fair to call the sponsors of that legislation objectively anti-woman. It’s also fair to call them idiots. And liars.

    I’m certainly not the first person to point out that anti-choice people aren’t really all that interested in abortion, per se. They’re anti-sex, or at least they’re opposed to any sort of sex they don’t approve of; in the realm of heterosexual activities, they hate the idea of unmarried people having sex and they particularly hate married people having non-procreative sex.

    My usual term for these folks is “anhedonic scolds” (a prime example of the breed is Rick Santorum and his revulsion at the notion that people have sex for pleasure). As long as they’re not in positions of power and authority, they’re mildly amusing nuisances.

    The Florida legislators responsible for this wrong-headed and insulting bill aren’t merely pests, they’re dangerous.

    And the chances of Rick Scott doing the right thing and vetoing the bill are one in a very large number.


  • dana becker

    Please vote every GOP out of office. Our very future depends on it.