The autopsy for Darrien Hunt, a black man shot dead by Utah police for the crime of carrying a costume sword, shows that he was killed by a hail of bullets in the back.

The official state autopsy documents six gunshot wounds on the body of 22-year-old Darrien Hunt and finds at least four of the shots entered his body from behind, generally confirming the results of an independent autopsy released by his family. It found no drugs in his system.

[…] The autopsy shows four of the gunshots found in Hunt’s body traveled back to front. A fifth shot that struck his left arm appears to have come from the front and a sixth traveled downward after entering the back of his forearm.

According to my theory of dehumanization, someone will now spin this inexcusable, racially-charged shooting as ‘self-defense’ against a monster. Those poor policemen! They must have been terrified of Hunt’s giant +10 greatsword. That’s why they had to shoot him in the back, is because he was running away to give himself enough room to swing it like a Final Fantasy character and cut them all in half with one gigantic stroke of magic-infused steel. See how that works?

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