Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh decided to weigh in on a viral video that featured a woman who was catcalled over 100 times in 10 hours in New York City, and true to his prejudiced, inflammatory nature, he was dismissive and racist in his response.

“I was expecting some really boorish, sexist, dangerous, I was expecting some real real rotten conduct by guys and and I didn’t see that,” Limbaugh said. Although he admits some of the behavior was a bit crass, in general, “most of it, it was men being polite.”

You see, Limbaugh believes that men cannot control themselves, it’s an animal instinct that makes them catcall and harass women on the streets. “You see a pretty woman, you react to it, ‘hey, looking good today’” (Kind of like a special version of Tourette’s Syndrome that only affects hormonal men on city streets.)

Even though he approves of the behavior in the video, he wants us to be aware that the majority of the people in it are men of color, which has actually been a common complaint about the editing since the video went viral. “In the interest of accuracy, ladies and gentlemen the majority of men that are portrayed in this video are African American and Hispanic and I thought we were supposed to celebrate diversity,” he said. “Most of them are African American and or Hispanic.”

Yep. Rush Limbaugh is still a pig, folks. Good to know.

By Hypatia Livingston

"Reserve your right to think, for even to think wrongly is better than not to think at all."Writer, thinker, researcher, philosopher.

8 thoughts on “Limbaugh Says Street Harassment is Just Good Manners”
  1. Why does this not surprise me at all. I am not in the least bit shocked this came out of Rush Limbaughs mouth. He is absolutely ridiculous.

  2. I did watch the video and there was a handful of them that didn’t seem to be harassing to me. Like the one that Asked “How are you today?” And when she kept walking he said. “God Bless you, have a nice day.” That one in particular I didn’t see as harassing. But the others could be or were outright harassing. I just wonder what the difference would have been had it been a bigger woman walking by. I have a feeling the comments would have been entirely different form of derogatory yet still harassing.
    PS Rush needs to get his head out of his bum.

    1. Yikes!! That was a bit graphic, yuck.. Maybe a good knee to the groin could work just as well, though?

    1. That is true, people should start using better words to describe him. He raises a few points (not in this but in other subjects) but for the most part he is really just full of himself. If you need to say crass, more than likely you are just skipping by trying to not dip too far into the idiot land, he tries, but he fails each time too.

  3. Limbaugh is a pig? Surprise surprise. The problem with this behavior is that it leads to more violent behavior; like the kind that makes women afraid to walk the streets alone.

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