New audio from a private gathering of supporters has helped establish Sen. Lindsey Graham’s possible 2016 presidential platform.

The audio recording provided to CNN captured the South Carolina Republican “joking” at a private Charleston club that “white men who are in male-only clubs are going to do great in my presidency.” According to the CNN report, Graham confirmed the recordings were authentic. The speech took place at the Hibernian Society of Charleston, a charitable group with an all-male membership, who apparently was not offended being portrayed as such. (Members of the society must be Catholic and either Irish-born or of Irish descent.)

In the recording according to CNN, Graham is heard saying: “I’m trying to help you with your tax status. I’m sorry the government’s so f——- up. If I get to be president, white men in male-only clubs are going to do great in my presidency.”

Graham, a far-right Republican, is facing Democrat Brad Hutto in his bid for reelection but also faces Tea Party reality-show star Thomas Ravenel in next Tuesday.

By Hypatia Livingston

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6 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham: ‘White Men Who Are In Male-Only Clubs Are Going To Do Great In My Presidency’”
    1. I believe Lindsey was referring to the all white male club that only admits all white males where they play pin the tail on the donkey if you know what I mean.

      1. Why that statement is homophobic. How could you. So funny how picking on queers is funny when it fits the agenda.

  1. I’m not entirely sure how to take this. I’m kind of confused why he used white males. White not any male who is in the all male ‘club’. I got to be honest, though, I don’t know anything about this guy at the present moment.

  2. White male privilege lives. The only way we can get around this is if people of color, women, and people with just interests actually take the reigns and start acting!

  3. This country actually needs a real social leader who will push the people; the people with truly humanitarian interests, in order to start participating in their governments.

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