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The Libertarian Party candidate running for the State Senate seat vacated by Iowa’s Senator-Elect Joni Ernst was booked for 3rd Degree Sexual Assault today in Nebraska, according to local news affiliate WOWT.

69-year-old Donald Brantz is also charged with 3rd Degree Assault, Disturbing the Peace, and Interfering with Public Service Commission. Police say Brantz is accused of inappropriately touching a woman, threatening to choke her, and then disconnecting the line when the victim called 911.

According to the news report, the incident took place in Bellevue, Nebraska back in October.

He turned himself to be booked and formally charged just days after he formally filed his candidacy papers for Ernst’s seat last week.

Donald Brantz for Iowa Senate
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Brantz, a longtime Mills County supervisor and southwest Iowa social worker, wants to pool home-schooled students into districts’ enrollments and to abolish the Iowa Department of Education, transferring power to local school boards, according to a local write-up announcing his candidacy.

The special election will be taking place on December 30, so it’s entirely possible that he was hoping that the local news people are on vacation and nobody would hear anything about his arrest, especially since it was out of state.

No further details of the crimes he is accused of are available at this time.

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3 thoughts on “Iowa State Senate Candidate Don Brantz Booked For Sexual Assault”
  1. I don’t even understand this. If you knew you did something this crazy why would you even put in to get going as a candidate? Did he think turning himself in would make people forget what he did in the past? Sorry, but someone willing to choke out a person is not someone I would vote for.

    1. Versinel, you obviously have never met Don Brantz. If you had … you wouldn’t ask that question. To borrow a phrase, Don Brantz needs logic like a fish needs a bicycle.

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