SKINNER's Morrigan Lupus from The Pop Up Art Book

The Pop Up Art Book,  the newest release from Poposition Press, is just as awesome as it sounds.

The intricately crafted, vibrant book features multi-dimensional spreads from internationally renowned artists, each recognized for their unique style.

The works of six popular artists – Jim Mahfood, Angry Woebots, Junko Mizuno, Kozyndan, Skinner, and Tara McPherson – come together in fantastic detail on the page. Artist Skinner explains, “Ever since I was a kid, I have loved pop-up books about monsters and dinosaurs. It’s crazy what they have done with our art in this bad boy book! It’s a thrill to see it finished. I get that feeling of anticipation as I am about to turn each page.”

Here’s a peek at some of the contents.

Drowning Party by kozyndan for The Pop Up Art Book
Drowning Party by kozyndan for The Pop Up Art Book
SKINNER's Morrigan Lupus from The Pop Up Art Book
SKINNER’s Morrigan Lupus from The Pop Up Art Book
Howling Masher by Angry Woebots from The Pop Up Art Book
Howling Masher by Angry Woebots from The Pop Up Art Book

Poposition Press Founder Rosston Meyer says “We selected some of the most creative artists working today. The work spans fine art, street art, comic book, and illustration genres. Being able to deconstruct and then reconstruct the art into something new was exciting. It has been such an innovative and collaborative project—and I think that energy shines right through. It’s a kick to watch people open the book. They literally marvel at the work and spend time with each spread to appreciate all the detail.”

A crowdfunding campaign was launched via Kickstarter for the book at The campaign earned more than 50% of its funding goal within just the first 48 hours, and has already surpassed its funding goal.

The Pop Up Art Book will be available in three separate editions.

By Hypatia Livingston

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5 thoughts on “Pop-Up Book Features Surreal 3-D Creations Of Street, Comic Artists”
  1. That is amazing! The detail in the artwork and then to top that with the energy and dimension of the pop-up elements, that’s awesome. This inspires me to add more dimension to some of my mixed media pieces.

    1. Detail is what really makes the difference between a random art project and something truly unique. More thought is put into it, more blood, sweat & tears too. I could buy them but I doubt I would have the patience to make my own without a little coaching first.

  2. This is so cool! I have an art book that is all about making your own pop-up art, but I have never been able to accomplish it as well as this. There is a lot of time and dedication that goes into making these types of books and they are amazing to look at.

    1. I have no idea how they can be so detailed and still so simple at the same time. I also never knew you could really just make your own. This would be a fun project for kids, on a smaller scale of course but still it looks pretty awesome.

  3. Great work! When I was younger I used to love getting pop-up books from my Aunt. I have never seen ones quite like this however. I wish that I could think good enough in three dimension when I do my art work, I would love to create something like this.

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