Is there a more delicate flower in the political hothouse than the Whining O’Keefe (gannitus o’keefus)?

All he wants to do is use social media to spread lies and the mean old bastiches at Twitter JUST WON’T ALLOW IT! (They’re so MEAN!)

By stopping O’Keefe and his gang of liars at Project Whinyass, Twitter is guilty of RESTRICTING O’KEEFE FROM EXERCISING HIS FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT TO BE A DESTRUCTIVE, LYING ASSHAT!

Just trip on over to the Project Whinyass Website (they misspell it as Veritas for some reason) to read about what are certainly real, actual, honest-to-goodness, we-shit-you-not REAL Twitter employees explaining their nefarious scheme to keep the truth of O’Keefe’s lies from the tender eyebulbs of his fellow right wing mouthbreathers.

(We’d link to it, but… no.)

In a conversation with former Twitter Content Review Agent Mo Norai on May 16th, 2017, we learned that in the past Twitter would manually ban or censor Pro-Trump or conservative content. When asked about the process of banning accounts, Norai said, “On stuff like that it was more discretion on your view point, I guess how you felt about a particular matter…”

WHILLIKERS! That explains why you can’t hardly find a single right wing, white supremacist, neo-Nazi, racist, homophobic, misogynistic prick ANYWHERE on Twitter anymore.

Unless you look for one.

There’s no victim like an alt-right victim. Just ask one.

By Langston Hews, Staff Writer

Always intensely subjective, passionate, keenly sensitive to beauty and possessed of an unfaltering musical sense, Langston Hews has given us a 'first book' that marks the opening of a career well worth watching.

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