Aaron Walker, the failed Manassas, Virginia attorney whose frenetic ravings helped inflame the right wing blogwar waged against Brett Kimberlin more than three years ago, and then advised a close ally to abuse the Maryland peace order process in order to stifle the free speech of a former BU writer, now wants to have the Maryland statutes which govern restraining orders struck down in the name of free speech.

In the unlikely event that his latest filing is successful, Walker (above, right) could put many thousands of Maryland residents, including children, at risk of harm.

It is the third time this year that Walker has tried to sue the state of Maryland, now-retired Judge Cornelius Vaughey, and/or the Kimberlin family in connection with events that transpired in 2012.

A few months after he was arrested for an alleged assault of Kimberlin in the Rockville County courthouse, Kimberlin obtained a peace order against Walker, who ignored the mandatory seven-day ‘cooling off’ period to further smear his victim in social media.

At the ensuing hearing, Judge Vaughey had Walker briefly jailed for contempt. The peace order was later thrown out by a different judge. Since then, Walker has tried to re-litigate the matter several times in various legal filings, often padding them out beyond allowable page limits by discussing these and other past topics of litigation with Kimberlin.

Walker first filed his direct challenge to the Maryland peace order statute in January of this year. It was thrown out and escaped BU’s attention at the time.

That filing created an interesting sequence of events in March, after BU identified inappropriate and creepy behavior by Walker and William Hoge (above, left), his partner in ‘lawfare’ campaigns, towards one of the Kimberlins’ daughters.

As a result, both men were charged under Grace’s Law, a Maryland statute that was specifically passed to empower families against cyberstalkers and cyber-harassment. Although a link between the events cannot be confirmed, sources indicate to BU that Maryland state’s attorney Kathy Knight dropped those charges in very close proximity to the dismissal of Walker’s first filing.

Walker then re-filed his lawsuit, this time adding Brett Kimberlin and his wife Tetyana while dropping Judge Vaughey and the state of Maryland. Ironically, the move came two years after Walker inserted himself in a marital dispute between the couple, submitting reams of his masturbatory fantasies to a Maryland divorce court and framing himself as her courageous defender.

Apparently no longer satisfied with his previous fabrications, Walker’s second legal filing against the Maryland statute this year indulged in even more delirious fantasies about the Kimberlin family than his previous inventions.

Out of respect for the Kimberlins, BU will not repeat Walker’s fevered scenarios, but we will note that he seems very worried by the willingness of the Kimberlins’ older daughter to speak against him in court, for his worst new libels are all aimed at discrediting the teenage girl.

Dismissed again, Walker’s third bite at the apple once again names the state of Maryland, the judge from 2012, and both adult Kimberlins as defendants to argue that the laws covering peace orders are overly-broad, infringing on the free speech of internet users.

The purposeful timing of this filing is easy to discern. Former BU writer Bill Schmalfeldt, who was the target of endless, vexatious legal harassment under the peace order statute, has moved away from Maryland to the Midwest.

Acting under Walker’s advice, for over a year Hoge — who is also a Maryland resident — abused the law Walker now wants to overturn. The disabled writer, who suffers from Stage V Parkinson’s Disease, was forced to make unnecessary and stressful trips to court.

The statutes that Hoge abused protect victims of domestic violence, stalking, and harassment every day, but now that they are no longer any use to Walker in his endless defamation campaigns, these laws are suddenly dangerous to democracy. See how that works?

Walker also seeks to overturn a Maryland case law which upholds the authority of the state to intervene in the free speech of those convicted of abusing it to harass others. Below is a relevant passage from his bloated filing which is actually safe to show you:

Referenced here, Galloway v. State is a decision regarding a convicted stalker and kidnapper who kept sending threats to his victim from prison

But sources tell BU that the cumulative effect of Walker’s demented litigation and filings has been to discredit him with other conservatives, a conclusion which seems supported by the fact that many right wing outlets supporting Walker three years ago are conspicuously silent today.

Following his unexpected arrest for violating Kimberlin’s peace order in 2012, Pajamas Media, Michelle Malkin, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Gateway Pundit, Popehat, and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze.com led a chorus of large and small blogs in manufactured outrage.

This time, Walker’s actions have no amplification from the rest of the wingnutosphere. In fact, outside of his own blog and Hoge’s, there is essentially no audience left watching the ‘Kimberlin scene’ that Walker has spent four years and thousands of dollars constructing.

It is likely that Walker could no longer suspend the disbelief of many readers when his charges against the Kimberlin family became too wild, too speculative, too obviously-contrived. Indeed, each time Walker’s claims have grown more outrageous, his co-defendants in the litigation spurred by Walker’s 2013 divorce court shenanigans have redoubled their efforts to reach settlements with Brett Kimberlin.

That divide was made visible during the most recent hearing in Kimberlin’s state-level lawsuit against Walker and his co-defendants. After rejecting Walker’s 44-page motion to dismiss, Judge Michael Mason reportedly sent him to sit at the back of the courtroom, refusing him the same status as other attorneys in the case.

No longer credible, and never effective, Walker seems quite isolated these days. In all likelihood, his efforts to exonerate the free speech rights of stalkers, kidnappers, and harassers will not improve that situation for him.

Update: 09/21/2015

Aaron Walker’s latest loony bin complaint, or his THIRD amended complaint above was just stricken today from Judge Mason’s court. This means that Walker’s complaint as it pertains to the current additional parties that he added a few weeks ago has been thrown out lock stock and two smoking barrels. So now it’s back to the SECOND amended complaint which is scheduled for a motion to dismiss hearing in mid-October. It appears that the Judge, in this case, has Walker’s number. And that number is spelled frivolous loony bin horseshit filings which have monetary and punitive sanctions written all over them. One would think the courts have had about enough of Walker’s silly frivolous meritless complaints, and may just be ready to sanction Walker heavily for filing bogus complaints just so he can post them on his blog for shits and giggles.


Walker’s “playing the victim” hoaxes for the last few years have pretty much run their course. No one reads him, no one believes him anymore, and certainly no one thinks he has an ounce of sanity left. Today he was found on Twitter doing his usual schtick of attacking liberals for anything and everything when someone tweeted at him that he had solved the anthrax attacks and wanted Walker’s legal help in making sure that his voice was heard. Of course, the guy who solved the attacks (LOL) didn’t have any money and asked if Walker could take the case for 200.00 cash for the win. Walker, of course, told him to get with him in the backchannel and said he would see what he could do.

We know a key witness in the Jimmy Hoffa case, care to exchange notes?

Yes, he surely does have a proven track record. A proven track record of filing lunatic pleadings, getting sent to the time out chair in court by various Judge’s for filing 44 page briefs when the court mandated 15 pages, being mocked by Judge’s who ask him if he really is a lawyer because they can’t quite grasp his LEGAL SCHOLAR MIND, and basically losing pretty much everything he has filed in court over the last few years of him practicing law. Yes, that is quite the track record.

Yes, he can file 5000-page briefs with 400 pages of exhibits and then have them thrown out as soon as they are filed (see above)

Well, we know some people who landed on Mars a few years ago. They have written numerous letters, not emails mind you, but actual letters which are delivered to us via the post office, claiming that Mars is quite nice this time of year. 

Yes, a dream come true. But, Walker doesn’t have any money, and right now he’s mixed up in so many lawsuits against him that it would make your head spin like Linda Blair from the Exorcist. So, pity that, the entirety of the Anthrax case will never be solved because Walker doesn’t have two cents to rub together all because he’s spending his time playing X-Box and fighting with people on Twitter. Damn.

Hey Walker, I know some guy who knows some guy who has a friend that knows his sister’s brother’s uncle’s aunt, and she says she solved the JFK assassination. Oh, by the way, she also knows the secrets behind MLK and Bobby too. Maybe you can get together with her and solve a hat trick. She doesn’t have any money, of course, but she sure knows plenty. How about we hook you up? Last we heard she was at this place below. Of course that place closed down some years back, but if you send a letter to them I’m sure they will have a forwarding address on file for her.


  • William A. Ferguson

    Let’s see if I worked this out correctly:

    A law which Hoge has beaten Bill over the head with for the last two years or so Walker finds so odious he wants to overturn it?

    You can’t make this shit up, folks.

    Hoge must be doing some epic facepalms right now.

    • All correct.

      • William A. Ferguson

        I just asked Hoge how he feels about that. 😉

        • I’ll be shocked if he replies directly.

          • William A. Ferguson

            Even odds says he won’t but sometimes…you never know.

          • William A. Ferguson

            Prepare for shock:

            “Aaron poses an interesting question as to whether one state can regulate
            the Internet activities on a person in another state. Of course, that
            question would not apply to two people who were residents of the same

          • He said that to you directly?

          • William A. Ferguson

            Yes, he did.

          • Actually, it’s not shocking that he thinks Walker raises a legitimate point of law. It’s only shocking that he deigned to reply to you.

          • William A. Ferguson

            His answer is telling.

          • State boundaries only apply to Aaron Walker when he’s in trouble. They never apply to him when he’s practicing law in MD without a license.

          • William A. Ferguson

            Yes, I’ve noticed the double standard too.

          • RogerS

            From the excerpt you posted above, Mr. Walker’s suit has nothing to do with people from different states. Another one of Mr. Hoge’s fantasies.

          • William A. Ferguson

            And that’s why it’s so telling, Roger.

          • Mary Catherine Dubravo

            Yet they are both talking about Maryland. If the MD law he is now complaining about is ruled unconstitutional then it affects everyone in that state regardless. The fact that they used it for 2 years against Bill, and now claim that law is not constitutional means they should never have been using that Law to torture Bill for years on end. It will be fun to see Walker in court in the months ahead try to explain his reverse logic to Judge Mason.

          • That is to say, it would not apply to two people in the same state if one was named Hoge and the other was Schmalfeldt. Other than that, it would apply.

          • Boxer Rebellion

            That’s a cheerleader’s answer. He knows that Aaron is talking out of his ass but he’s not going to stop waiving his Pom poms.

            Besides, Aaron was the person who thought maryland’s peace order laws were a soft enough target for him to exploit when he coached hoge and stranahan to file there and filed for a few himself. I don’t know if the courts will care about his behavior in these antics but there it is.

            the guy has lost his fucking mind

    • Mary Catherine Du Bravo

      I don’t think they are facepalming, it’s a strategy to get out from getting prosecuted for violations of Graces Law which Walker and Hoge know they have violated numerous times. The trouble with using that logic is they will then have to explain why for the last two years they rigidly believed in the law and tried to use it on Bill to have him thrown in jail for tweeting at them. You can’t have it both ways.

      • Are you new here, ma’am? I don’t recall seeing you here before. But I like the cut of your jib. (Do women have jibs?)

      • Boxer Rebellion

        This lawsuit is a cry for help. He is mentally ill and he needs to go to the fruitcake house for a few days like Ken white did.

        The first time he cried wolf half of the Internet was a social media criminal enterprise on kimberlin’s payroll. There were team rosters and everything. Now that nothing materialized out of that this is all a conspiracy by the state of Maryland to control his speech in Virginia

        Aaron’s civil rights are violated by anyone using their civil rights to access the legal system in the interest of protecting themselves or seeking justice.

  • Besides that. His wife’s ass has its own gravitational field. (A little payback for the stream of “fat jokes” from the worst lawyer in America. I’m sure she’s a lovely woman whose keester is small enough to squeeze under the car to check for bombs.)


      • Zero

        Is that what he’s calling his wife’s ass now?

        And Bill? You don’t have to be petite at all to check for bombs. All you need is a mirror on a stick. But seeing as how Aaron doesn’t know which way is up (Dyslexia and all- You know the Nazis used to gas people like him) you can see how it’s still the wife’s job.

      • RogerS

        BU needs to do a big article based on the Where Are They Now series. When this whole affair started, some of these people were actually respected, but after jumping into bed with Mr. Walker, they are completely discredited or toxic or dead or stroke victims. Look at Frey, Hoge, Nagy, Breitbart, Akbar, and Stranahan.

        BTW, have you heard the recent crap about Mr. Stranahan and his wife. Well, actually it’s sounds like ex-wife. And he had the nerve to talk about Mr. Schmalfeldt. Dig into that story for some real horror.

        • William A. Ferguson

          Yeah, when exactly did Nagy stroke out?

          Hi Mandy – nice tits!

  • Mark in MD

    “Aaron! Did your diabetic fat ass even look for a job today?!”
    “No, honeybear. I’m going to continue losing money in my demented, twisted, perverse and incomprehensible attack on a man who has never done shit to me! For the win!”

    Must suck when your only friend in the world is Goddard employee and possible evidence forger WJJ Hoge.

  • RogerS

    Mr. Walker has spent most of his adult life defending bigots and criminals. First, he attacked an entire religion with smears and insults until he was exposed for the bully he is. He later said that he did so under a fake name out of respect for his wife, Mary Catherine. Now he is trying to overturn a law meant to protect people from predators.

    I think that you guys should do some digging into Mr. Walker’s wife. I have a sneaking suspicion that she has some secrets to hide. is she really married to him? Where is the marriage license and why doesn’t she carry his last name? Why is he listed as single on the people search engines? Why is there nothing about her on those search engines? I have a lot of Pilipino friends and they say that women from their country are happy to be married to an American and always take the American’s name.

    Maybe she is the invisible hand behind all of Mr. Walker’s work attacking people. Does she have some relationship with the Philippine military who want Mr. Walker to attack Muslims because of the war against Muslims there? I think you should contact the embassy and ask them for a backgrounder on her. He said that she controls him and he sends her out every day to check under his car for IEDs. So she must have some military training. She is very suspicious and he does everything possible to keep her hidden, so something is there.

  • Zero

    Did Aaron actually complain about chilling free speech? He had no problem with helping Hoggy attack Bill’s free speech…

    • Boxer Rebellion

      Nothing like being a plaintiff in a lawsuit to chill your own speech. It’s 2015 and his motto is now “litigate first, blog second” which means he is completely capable of grasping using speech with discretion.

      The comedy gold here is Aaron suing kimberlin’s wife. He went from writing long sappy emails explaining how he understood she was a prisoner in her relationship and couldn’t speak up. That’s why he went ahead and called CPS for her. He was just trying to help her. oh, and please donate to her fund. Don’t worry about the fact that hoge and Walker get the money, they were only looking out for her.

      He is less compassionate about her situation now. In fact, he’s alleging she is an evil bitch who needs to pay Aaron some money. In no way should this be viewed as Aaron using this woman as a pawn in his vendetta. No sir.

      Even the crippler could see that getting as far away from Aaron as possible was the best decision he ever made, and the crippler was probably high as a satellite at the time.

  • Mary Catherine Dubravo

    Mary Catherine Dubravo. She is much older than Walker and not married to him. Her parents thought Walker was a lunatic and refused permission for her to marry him. He claims they are married, but truth is she only lives with him.

    • Zero

      Maybe they got married in secret- Like in Braveheart! That sounds like something that would stroke Aaron’s persecution complex nicely…

      • Mary Catherine Du Bravo

        Yeah probably. They went in the backyard under the tree and told each other how much they wanted to be together, but for those pesky parents who thought Walker was a nut and didn’t want her to have anything to do with him unless he paid their expenses every month, they decided to carve their names in the tree stump thus celebrating their secret Muslim marriage. See, Walker always talks about Muslims who supported his attacks on Islam, and outside of Dustin Farahnak, there was only one other Muslim who supported Walker, and that was his live in girlfriend cum tree wife, Mary Catherine Du Bravo.

    • I just did a spit-take. Where’d you get this? She’s acknowledged as his wife in the company emails? WTF is going on?!

      • Mary Catherine Du Bravo

        In the swatting police report at Walker’s residence obtained from Manassas Virginia, the police questioned her and she was not listed as Walker’s wife in the report, rather she was only living with him, hence two different names. They are not really married or weren’t then. I doubt any of that has changed in the years since then. Walker’s circumstances have not changed much other than going down the tubes from those days, both mentally and financially.

        • Well that’s very odd. Surely Walker isn’t living in sin?

          • Mary Catherine Du Bravo

            Walker doesn’t care, the thing about Walker is that he is a hoaxer and drama queen. He makes up drama so he can live in his fantasy of being a superhero. The only problem with that is that in real life he is a coward with a yellow streak down his back a mile long. You can’t be a superhero if you hide behind a woman’s skirt all your life. Since she is much older than him you can see the dynamic. She represents his mother. She cooks, washes the dishes and cleans his saggy shit stained drawers. Walker never really grew up, he is still a little boy pretending he is a man, and that is what the reality is in his life.

            Those I have heard talk about him recently on the conservative side have all said to a man that they think he’s batshit crazy and no one wants anything to do with him. It’s also why Judge Mason sent him to the back of the courtroom to sit like a petulant baby. He wasn’t allowed to sit with the adults in the room because he soiled his diapers in his legal briefs which was a clear violation of the court’s rules which he doesn’t believe or understand that he has to follow.

          • Zero

            I doubt Aaron sees it as living in sin. He’s a got a bit of sovereign citizen in him- Probably doesn’t feel it’s any of the gub’mint’s business as long as he has God’s approval. Plus you gotta pay all those licenses and filing fees… Something I’m sure Aaron feels is unconstitutional. He may have found some hack priest to pronounce them married off the books, or they may have just prayed a lot and declared themselves married. Plus he may be “protecting” her by not giving her his name, because- you know- in the course of his many exploits he’s made some dangerous enemies…

  • Mary Catherine Du Bravo

    Walker’s 15 minutes were up long ago. Same with Hoge. All they have now is a small cadre of two bit brigaders who have already lost the faith that anything they do will work or come to fruition, They are so pathetic that no one listens to them anymore. Telling really.

  • Mary Catherine Du Bravo

    Reality is Walker spends his days watching cartoons on the television, and when he doesn’t have any cartoons to watch he spends the rest of that time playing X-Box games and tweeting at liberals trying to start fights with them on the intertubes. Now that is a very sad and pathetic life for a middle-aged man who took most of his parents money to graduate from Yale Law school. He never practiced law after losing his first court case because the courts and opposing counsel scared him too much. So he bailed out of practicing law for a small medical firm: Professional Health Care Resources in Virginia. Once they found out about him and his fantasyland delusions of grandeur with fighting Muslims and Islam online, they fired him and his shit eating two bit bed pan cleaning live in woman on the spot and ran away from them as fast as they could.

    So, in this case, he spends most of his time fantasizing about younger women who he can go save as a white knight superhero who won’t have anything to do with his portly bottom feeding ass, and telling everyone that listens to him (which are very few) that he is a practicing attorney in DC and a legal scholar and successful author of a book that paints him as a hero superman who saves women from Muslim terrorists. Now that is totally pathetic, especially since he has a yellow streak down his back a mile long. I mean what real man in America would force their woman to go out and check their car for bombs while risking getting blown up by those he attacks? How can he really be a superhero when he hides in the house and tells his woman to go out and risk her life instead of his own?

    What a pathetic low life scumbag Walker is. His live in woman is as stupid as he is. Of course the fact that all she could ever do was clean bed pans at minimum wage is telling too. Uneducated, dumb, stupid, that is the kind of woman Walker wanted in his life. Someone to clean bed pans for him and clean up after him like a child still needing his mother to do laundry and cook the meals while he sits in front of the TV. That is the Walker family in a nutshell.

    • RogerS

      Well, we know that Mr. Walker does not have any kids and that’s most likely because he can’t have them. Thank God for that. Or maybe Mary Catherine secretly uses birth control so she won’t have a baby with Mr. Walker. Or is she a spy for the government who has infiltrated Walker’s loony life. Again, dig in to her life, call the embassy, and demand a backgrounder since she is a foreigner who is attacking Muslims on American soil. Find out who her family members are and talk to them. She could be deported for that kind of activity.

      • I prefer to think the problem is Walker’s micropenis. That condition can make men sooo angry with absolutely everyone and everything…

        • RogerS

          As I have been contemplating this whole affair, I think that Mr. Kimberlin should file a counter suit and name Mr. Walker and his lovely Mary Catherine Du Bravo as parties. It would be wonderful to take a deposition from her, and she would probably have enough to say about Walker to ….
          Really, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. He could sue her for conspiring with Mr. Walker to harass him. Didn’t she follow Mr. Kimberlin to court and try to set him up for harassing her and then file a false police report. Sounds to me like she and her live in boyfriend committed a tort there. The suit will flush out this whole married lie affair.

  • Perfect satire?

  • I just threw up in my mouth a little when I read the word “digging into Mr. Walker’s wife.” And besides, it’s not like I’m going unharassed. The Krendler monster is making all sorts of bizarre claims like how I’m a lush (there was a picture of a bottle of scotch in my kitchen), I lied about my income to get this rent-assisted apartment (which is not rent-assisted), I lied about my military service, even posting documents HE SPENT MONEY FOR which prove I am NOT lying about my military service, along with the continued mocking of my late wife. I would weep bitter tears if I heard that Grady Krendler suffered from a prolonged terminal disease involving his small intestines filling with pus and exploding an inch at a time over a span of years causing an agonizing death from sepsis. And yes, they finally got around to publishing that copyrighted photo of my wife in the hospital that I sent to Scottie Hinckley (agiledog) and his wife to show that it was a real human being they were mocking, not an abstract concept. They sent it right to Grady Krendler, and now it’s online. I hope they live long, painful lives infested with liver flukes. But that’s just me. You know how I get when I’m drinking (Sprecher’s Cream Soda).

  • RogerS

    It sounds from your update today that Mr. Walker might have a straight jacket waiting for him when he next appears in that courtroom. So this is the same judge who sent him to time out after he violated the court rules?? You are right, he is going to nail Mr. Walker to the wall. If I were Mr. Walker, I would be afraid, very afraid of what the judge has in store for him.

  • William A. Ferguson


    I repeat…


  • William A. Ferguson

    What I find hilarious is that Walker doesn’t have $200.

    • RogerS

      Mr. Walker does not have anything and he will never have anything. Mary Catherine Du Bravo will leave him soon enough and he will spend the rest of his days stalking her and creating photos of her wearing a burka while giving head to Muslims.