In pursuit of his conspiracy theories connected to this website, William John Joseph Hoge of Westminster, Maryland has filed nearly 400 different criminal charges against the objects of his obsession over the last four years. While all of these filings have been declined by the state’s attorney for Carroll County, in February of 2013 Hoge was absolutely sure he could convince elected Republican officials to issue search warrants against his political foes over a comment someone left in his blog.

This new revelation of old fraud has come to light after Hoge reportedly filed a frivolous lawsuit against the Kimberlin family, retired BU writer Bill Schmalfeldt, and the random social media users who have incurred his wrath.

Fatally flawed by jurisdictional issues and his usual crackpot assertions of ‘fact,’ the litigation was never likely to succeed on its nonexistent merits and is certain to be dismissed. Nevertheless, Hoge felt so confident in the righteousness of his case last week that he asked a court clerk to grant him discovery powers for a fishing expedition.

Responding to these shenanigans, Brett Kimberlin filed a motion to quash and stay Hoge’s subpoenas. Citing Hoge’s hundreds of attempts to pervert the Maryland justice system, Kimberlin’s motion includes two emails as an exhibit.

Dated the morning of February 18, 2013, and sent just fourteen minutes apart, they are both addressed to Los Angeles Assistant District Attorney John Patrick Frey, who blogs and tweets as Patterico.

Kimberlin is currently suing Frey in federal court, charging the prosecutor engaged in an improper campaign to chill his free speech while acting ‘under color of law.‘ The emails strongly suggest that Hoge was yet another confidant of Frey during the activities for which the prosecutor is being sued.

“I’ve amassed a pile of evidence which I will be turning over to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office today,” reads the first email. Hoge accuses BU writer Bill Schmalfeldt of leaving threats on his blog in another user’s name, with both Neal Rauhauser and Brett Kimberlin listed as part of a conspiracy to do so.

Both men had already been the obsessive focus of right wing blogs for over a year, while Schmalfeldt was just about the only liberal blogger who bothered to research the accusers or debunk their absurd claims.

State and federal lawsuits against Rauhauser and Kimberlin were eventually dismissed with prejudice, but not before months of sensational innuendo that they were responsible for a hoax 911 call which had sent Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies to Frey’s home in 2011.

Writing with palpable glee, Hoge enumerates the criminal charges that he expects Carroll County State’s Attorney Jerry Barnes to pursue on his say-so, repeating the penalties for each man on his list.

Misuse of Electronic Communication (at least 2 counts at 1 year and/or $500 each)

Conspiracy to cause Reckless Endangerment (5 years and/or $5,000)

Conspiracy to make a False Statement Regarding a Crime or Hazard (6 months and/or $500)

Conspiracy to make a False Alarm (5 years and/or $5,000)

“We’ll see how many of the charges stick,” he continues. “The first three on Schmalfeldt should be airtight and should result in a search warrant for his computer and remote servers.”

This prediction proved to be incorrect, as no search warrants were ever issued to investigate the comment left in Hoge’s blog.

BU’s web servers occupy a key place in Hoge’s paranoid cosmology. Hoge tried to demand information from the web host for Kimberlin’s Justice Through Music Project and other websites through one of his fraudulent subpoenas last week. Perhaps he hoped to find BU hiding in there?

The newly-revealed emails show that Hoge’s ambitions have not changed in the last three years. During that time, he used a peace order obtained from a friendly Carroll County judge to charge Schmalfelt with hundreds of violations for tweeting.

Correctly judging that Hoge was abusing the system as part of a personal political vendetta, State’s Attorney Jerry Barnes declined to follow up on any of these charges. But until the peace order was finally nullified, Hoge never stopped trying to have his enemy arrested over a blog comment.

The comment remains a regular topic of discussion at and is a subject of constant re-litigation in Hoge’s courthouse maneuvers.

“If just one of the conspiracy charges goes through, the Sheriff should get warrants to seize Rauhauser’s and Kimberlin’s computers and servers as well — before they can have unfortunate head crashes on their hard drives,” Hoge continues in the first 2013 email.

Hoge then indicates he is confident because local officials share his politics.

These are all state charges that would be handled by the Carroll County State’s Attorney. BTW, Jerry Barnes is a Republican. So is Ken Tregoning our Sheriff.

I’ve got other leads on other possible state charges that searches of the computers may confirm.

Tregoning retired in 2014. Barnes, who had served as a Green Beret during the Vietnam War, lost his re-election bid in an anti-incumbent wave that same year and took his own life a month before his final term expired. Nor does either man’s biography suggest they would have been eager to direct county and state resources against an anonymous person for leaving an ambiguous blog comment.

Moments after sending his first email, Hoge sent a second message to Frey — and this time, he copied four other key figures in the right wing media crusade against Kimberlin. Lee Stranahan and Mandy Nagy of, legendary racist Robert Stacy McCain, and the uniquely-insane Aaron Walker were all treated to this hopeful note:

The procedure here in Carroll County is a bit different from Howard County. The Commissioner is going to consult with the State’s Attorney’s Office on who get charged with what. That will take a few days. The Commissioner clearly understands that Team Kimberlin will destroy evidence on their computers, etc., given any warning and understands the need to execute search warrants without warning.

Please keep this quiet until the warrants are served.

Please call or email me with your questions.

Despite Hoge’s earnest capitalization, within Maryland’s unique judicial system the ‘Commissioner’ is just a glorified clerk who receives criminal complaints from citizens, checks them for correct spelling, and passes them on to the state’s attorney. Many thousands of such filings appear in Maryland court records every year, but they are almost all declined for prosecution.

Hoge now claims that his emails were part of the discovery materials from Kimberlin’s federal lawsuit against Frey, and as such Hoge supposes they are covered by the judge’s order of confidentiality. Yet there are multiple recipients, all of whom may have supplied the emails.

Alarmed by their appearance in Kimberlin’s filing, this Tuesday Hoge returned to his local courthouse and filed a new motion demanding they be scrubbed from the public record of his precious lawsuit, lest they spoil his aura of victimhood. To complete his attempted cover-up, Hoge has also asked Judge George Hazel of the US District Court in Maryland to punish Kimberlin for including the emails in his motion.

Hoge is unlikely to get what he wants, however, because he is the sender of the emails in question. According to legal sources, Hazel’s order applies only to Frey, who claimed the privilege by invoking the sensitive nature of his work as a gang prosecutor, and any communication he has sent to other people.

Any parties who wish to protect emails sent to Frey, especially when third parties are copied to them, should have already sought their own protective order from Judge Hazel.

Kimberlin alleges that since 2011, Frey has used the imprimatur of his office to cast criminal charges around his name in both the kangaroo ‘blog court’ of online opinion and by lobbying law enforcement agencies to investigate trumped-up charges against Kimberlin.

As shown by the recipient list of Hoge’s 2013 emails, right wing bloggers were eager to participate in Frey’s unofficial posse. Participants often seemed convinced that they were working on behalf of law enforcement, or alongside prosecutors, in a genuine criminal investigation rather than pursuing a goofy conspiracy theory regarding the 911 hoax perpetrated against Frey by unknown parties.

As Kimberlin points out in his motion, which is included below, these newly-revealed emails establish an old pattern of conduct that continues today in Hoge’s demented lawsuit. He keeps trying to direct the wheels of justice to crush the Kimberlins — and anyone who gets in his way.

Meanwhile, Hoge continues monitoring the IP addresses of everyone who visits his website, especially those who leave unapproved comments. Hoge has repeatedly insisted that this information is being shared with law enforcement, which means any random visitor could potentially end up the target of his ‘investigations.’

BU was unable to contact Carroll County officials for comment on this story before press time and will update if they reply.

Hoge v. Kimberlin Motion to Quash

  • Hoge is still a piece of filth

    So, this miserable dirtbag Hoge is possibly connected to the death of the prosecutor Jerry Barnes? Wasn’t he the brother of Zoe Barnes, the attorney who worked with Hoge to break apart the Kimberlin family and steal his children and then deliver them to Hoge and Walker and their religious cult?

    • Brother or -in-law, not sure which. Anyone who asks her gets their head bitten off.

  • Purloined Parodies

    For the record, I could find no solid evidence of Zoa being of any relation to Jerry. I asked her once by e-mail and her response was a solid “none of your business.”

    Now, I don’t see what Hoge is trying to accomplish by listing the number of times I might take a peek at his website. On many occasions he is incorrect. I am not likely to jump out of bed at 4 am Central, turn on the computer and check his website.

    For another thing, why is anything I tweet or blog of interest to Hoge’s readership? I wrote a blog post not long ago risking the “Godwin’s Law” tag for comparing Trump to Hitler. I referred to Hitler as “the little coproral.” None of this had anything to do with Hoge and his readers. But Hoge posted a diatribe how I was WRONG about Hitler being the “little corporal” when that was what they called “Napoleon.” This was done for no reason than to rile up his readership with the theme, “There is much Bill Schmalfeldt knows that just is not so.”

    Matt did a hell of a job on this story. He won’t get any comment from Carroll County because, frankly, I think they are embarrassed and ashamed of Hoge.

    But to get a feel for the utter cruelty of Hoge and his supporters, I invite your attention to a couple recent posts of mine at and to see for yourself how cruel Hoge and his supporters were during the last few weeks of my wife’s life.

    Even now, “Paul Krendler” at (who I have identified as “Patrick Grady” of Palatine, IL”) continues that cruelty with veiled references toward my late wife on his blog. He thinks he’s cagey by not mentioning her by name anymore, but references like “wandering eyeball” (Gail had strabismus) make it clear who he’s profaning.

    I just do not understand the mindset of people who get delight out of stoking a man’s grief over the loss of his soulmate. Gail died a year ago on June 17. The commenters on Hoge’s blog today are suggesting that I am open to a new relationship because I’m running out of money and need someone new to leech from, The comments you will see if you look at that second link I posted… regular reminders that Gail is gone. I DON’T NEED REMINDERS THAT THE LOVE OF MY LIFE IS GONE, and this is abject cruelty and inhumanity.

    Hoge deserves everything bad that will happen to him. And that river of shit is going to start flowing through his hovel in Westminster, MD, sooner rather than later.

  • Purloined Parodies

    Also, for the record, out of the 367 charges brought against me at Hoge’s insistence, there was one that SA Barnes did not dismiss that went all the way to trial.

    When I learned Hoge’s wife had bone cancer, I decided to hope that Hoge loved his wife more than he hated me. I sent him an e-mail offering to help in any way I could to cut through the red tape should he and his wife decide to take advantage of the clinical trial options offered at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md. My last job before retiring due to advanced Parkinson’s was as a writer/editor, podcaster, media liaison with the Clinical Center at NIH and I could help the Hoges steer clear of much of the delay if they so chose.

    Hoge’s reaction? He hates me more than he loves his wife. He had me charged with violating the peace order in place at the time. Barnes refused to dismiss this one and it went to trial where I was found “not guilty.” I felt it was my duty as a human being to risk Hoge’s vexatious and vindictive nature and do what any decent person in a position to help would do. If you had a no contact order against someone, would you want that person to keep his yap shut if he saw a dump truck about to hit you? If you yell, “LOOK OUT,” that is technically a violation.

    Hoge is a venomous sack of guts, a bloated spider who is determined to feast on his prey no matter who gets hurt in the meantime.

  • William A. Ferguson


    • Seen from space.

      • William A. Ferguson

        I’m surprised the aliens haven’t phoned in to tell you to knock it off.

  • RogerS

    OMFG, the Hog is an outright criminal. He should be arrested today!! So now we have him for perjury, stalking, and fabricating charges and trying to pay bribes to officials in Maryland. What depths will this horrible, terrible, less-than-human not go to? I am floored with disgust. He should be strapped on the rack, pilloried and staked down on a fire ant hill.

    Are you telling me that he has filed motions to try to cover up his crimes? What the heck is this about the States Attorney killing himself after the Hog tried to pay him off? This is more bizarre than the right wing conspiracies about Hillary Clinton. The Hog now has his own email scandal and this one proves that he is a criminal. And the Hog now has his own Vince Foster scandal with the suicide of the prosecutor he was bribing. I honestly hope that you guys keep the heat on the officials in Maryland to investigate and prosecute this crooked pervert. Trump says Crooked Hillary and you can now say Crooked Hoggy.

    Are we sure that it was a suicide? Has anyone looked into where the Hog was on the day the guy was killed? Is anyone asking questions about whether the Hog was worried about the guy spilling the beans on payoffs by the Hog? As Trump says, it sounds very “fishy.” Let us know how the criminal investigation proceeds. At minimum, it looks like a conspiracy by the Hog to have people arrested on bogus charges and to pay off GOP officials. That is huuuugggee! The Hog is through.

    • William A. Ferguson

      Yes, he’s filed motions to get his emails stricken from the record.

    • I have no evidence that Barnes’s suicide was at all related to Hoge’s machinations.

      • RogerS

        Trump has no evidence that Hillary had anything to do with Foster or emails, but he still calls for investigations. I call for a complete and total investigation of the Hog. Wouldn’t it be delightful if the same officials the Hog was corrupting suddenly decided to seize his computers. They could find a lot of crimes on those hard drives.

        Again, I want to say that the Hog is Pol Pot evil, a special class of sub-humans who relish in causing pain. He fits the definition of a sadist–A sadist is someone who enjoys inflicting pain on others, sometimes in a sexual sense. Sadists like seeing other people hurt. A sadist is all about hurting others, usually to get off sexually. However, this word is about more than sex.

        After what he did to Schmalfeldt and that teen girl, there is no doubt whatsoever that the Hog is a sadist who gets off on causing others pain. What a horrible, vicious sub-human.

        The Hog needs to be hog tied and paraded through the streets of his hometown carrying a sign that said, “I am a sadist, in the same league with Pol Pot, Dahmer and Gacy.

  • Mark in MD

    To quote the high class of moralistic readers over at suspected evidence forger WJJ Hoge’s blog….


  • Purloined Parodies

    There is no bottom to the pit of foaming pus that is WJJ Hoge III. His supporters feed off of his poison. Hoge gives them their cues and they spread the filth that Hoge is too “dignified” to dirty his hands with. We’re coming up on the first anniversary of my wife’s death. I still get almost daily pornographic references to her from Hoge supporters. Patrick Grady, aka “Paul Krendler”, hides behind his pseudonym to spread his disease. Now he’s become so much of a coward he won’t mention her name in his necrophiliac fantasies. But he will make a remark about some hooker with a “wandering eyeball,” knowing that Gail had the condition called strabismus. Of course, if you confront him, you’re met with “what makes you think I was writing about her?” The day will come for Hoge, Walker, Grady and the whole slack-jawed Hee Haw gang when they will be infected by the sepsis they generate. And that river of shit is gonna start flowing through Westminster, MD, yea verily and soon.

    • RogerS

      May I venture to say that the Hog is a lonely old perverted man with a son who would be an embarrassment to Shrek. The Hog’s life has been one of regret and disappointment. So he found another loser in Aaron Walker and together they raise each other’s below sea level self esteem a few inches. But for god’s sake, these two perverts are incredibly evil. They feed off of each other’s evilness, and compound it. Together they are evil supercharged, two cretins who are so perverse they probably jack each other off while discussing pre teens. They are both Ted Bundy evil, and they need to be stopped before they lose complete control. I have watched your reporting of these mutants and they are getting more and more desperate and will eventually physically harm some child or adult.

  • smusherface

    What’s absolutely ludicrous is that the kind of people who file spurious law suits and criminal charges over blogs and comments posted online, are the first ones screaming their heads off about THEIR First Amendment rights, but want to persecute others for exercising theirs. Apparently they believe that right should only belong to those who think like they do, but that’s not democracy, that would be fascism.