More lunacy today from the interwebs from Manassas Virginia Attorney Aaron Walker, who masquerades on Twitter as @AaronWorthing over the Garland Texas shootings and his quest to now identify as, or with, Pamela Geller, by having his twitter avatar changed to “I Am Pamela Geller,” and also obtaining a Fatwa, or death sentence, against himself, which I might add has been a 5 year quest on his part.

For those who don’t know Walker, a quick summation would be that he started an anti-Muslim cartoon blog called Everyone Draw Mohammed 5 years ago under the nom de plume Aaron Worthing, he was eventually outed as Manassas Virginia Attorney at Law, Aaron Justin Walker, who was then involved in countless lawsuits and battles because of his outing by claiming various individuals (including this website) were out to get him killed, and he continues on occasion to try to get a fatwa issued against himself by radical jihadists by picking at a sore he hopes will eventually bleed. Sure there is plenty of context in between, but suffice it to say it’s not worth going into in this post. If you wish to read more about Walker you can go herehere, here, here and here, or just type Aaron Walker into the search box.

Now we enter into the Garland Texas shootings over Pamela Geller’s Prophet Mohammed cartoon drawing contest, and then we mix in Aaron Walker (just because that’s what he wants) and out pops this hatred by Walker masked as some free speech heroics on his part, and his continued quest to have himself put on a death list by radical jihadists who truly don’t give two shits for him or anyone else when it concerns the drawings of the Prophet Mohammed.

The issue isn’t drawing Mohammed as much as it is drawing intense heat on one’s lunatic causes of needing maximum publicity on a subject that inflames certain groups, who will I might add commit mass murder because one has committed acts they consider against their belief system. And that is where you will find the bigots who come out of the closet looking for a fight, and or looking for the grim reaper to show up to their event just for the publicity.

You see, these right wing bigots act all tough up front, seeking out fights, getting their guns ready, and muskets filled with powder, but when they get up close and personal with the grim reaper they all run scared, or in the case in Garland, they hire beefy security guards at 10k a night for protection while acting like they are heroes for standing up.

Those who run these events know they are going to have trouble, and more to the point, they seek out that trouble, but in reality they are too afraid to actually go out into the street and challenge or confront those that would come against them. Instead, they rely on heavy security guards at 10k a pop to protect them while they claim their title of free speech heroes. In the case of Aaron Walker, who has been dying to get a death sentence for five years running, the only problem he has is that he doesn’t have 10k a night to protect himself, or even those around him, or even those around where he lives in Manassas Virginia. No, those people are just collateral damage as Walker would say in his fight to be a free speech martyr.

For the last day or so on Twitter he has been posting his usual screeds of the Prophet being a pedophile, which he calls pretty much everyone who disagrees with him or questions him or his activities for any length of time, and he continues to post his usual dreaded stick figure drawings of the Prophet Mohammed as attachments to his tweets, as if he wants the message heard loud and clear, jihadis of the world, “come and get me bitches” as he has said numerous times on his blog and elsewhere.

What is clear from Walker’s past ravings is that he wants to engage with some form of radical Islam, and he wants that engagement to be a gun battle. In my opinion, he is on a quest to have a running battle down the streets of Manassas Virginia, where he, the free speech hero, engages with Muslims carrying AK’s and rocket launchers, while Walker, and his six-gun pee shooter, shoots back at them until he scores a few notches in his belt taking them out. It is all a childish dream really, it’s almost as if Walker is playing out some fantasy he had as a child, which in some ways he is because quite frankly he seems to have never grown up. But I digress.

But what about his neighbors? What about those who live next to him? Will they wish to be engaged in the same fight as he? What about the city of Manassas Virginia, how do they feel about Walker being in their midst? Do they want running gun battles on their streets?

Now that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks, they have claimed in various tweets this one standard for all who would think that they are not serious about drawing the Prophet Mohammed:

“Let anyone who wants to draw the picture of our Prophet to think one thousand times before doing so, because our hands can reach his neck,”

They have also issued several warnings for those in the United States:

“We tell … America that what is coming will be more grievous and more bitter and you will see from the soldiers of the Caliphate what will harm you, God willing,”

“How are you (Americans) going to live when we create our lone wolves to be nuclear bombs … by God, you can’t match us and in the heart of your homes you will see,”

And here we have good old boy Aaron Walker clearly clueless about how dangerous it is to continue his quest for a fatwa. What is certain is that these people believe in their cause much more than Aaron Walker does, and they seem to be very serious about stopping this cartoon drawing activity, free speech or not. This site is not attempting to say either way which way is the best way for those in that battlespace, what we are trying to say however, is that hanging around Aaron Walker is like hanging around a person carrying a sack of dynamite, it is not sure when that explosion will happen, but the longer you walk with it the more dangerous it becomes.