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Yesterday, I showed you the bankruptcy filing of Lynn Thomas, who was unmasked last year as the hatemonger and hypocrite behind the “Kimberlin Unmasked” Blogspot domain and Twitter account. Reportedly separated from her husband, she now lives with her father Peter in St. Charles, Illinois; that’s their house in the picture above. Both Lynn and Peter are named in lawsuits filed by Brett Kimberlin, and it is readily apparent from their latest response motion that they are getting terrible legal advice from co-defendant Aaron Walker.

Walker, who did more than any of his fellow defendants to instigate these lawsuits in the first place, is the legal genius behind the defendants’ strategy of constantly nitpicking every jot and tittle on Mr. Kimberlin’s certified mail. In their response, Peter and Lynn Thomas claim that Mr. Kimberlin failed to check the “Restricted Delivery” box when he served them with legal process, and that this alone is enough reason to dismiss his suit. Unfortunately for the Thomases, who somehow forgot to include images of the offending documents in their response, these pictures made at the post office clearly show the box was marked on both cards for both envelopes:

photo 3

photo 1

photo 4

photo 2

Having now committed perjury themselves, I have new questions for Lynn and her dad: first, did she lie to the bankruptcy court, too? Attorney Francis Ostronic says that Peter refused to accept service because he thought there might be a bomb in the envelope; was this another sign of Aaron Walker’s lunatic influence? How is the judge supposed to consider them still not served in a lawsuit to which they have already replied? And when will these idiots stop trying to prejudice courts with the ancient history of the man they conspired to defame for the last two years?

  • Bill Schmalfeldt

    In his blog, Walker claims that he has had contact with people who have identified themselves as contributing to “Kimberlin Unmasked,” but that he has had “attorney-client relations” with them. I am not a lawyer, so I don’t know. Can an attorney have that kind of relationship with someone in a state where he is not admitted to that state’s bar?

    • Easy answer: Walker is still not admitted to the bar in MD, and eventually this behavior will bite him in the ass.

  • Aaron Walker Lunatic

    He would need to have a retainer agreement signed sealed and delivered to represent someone. Without that Walker couldn’t represent them, especially since he is only registered as an attorney in Virginia and DC. Plus, he would have to tell the court he is filing these documents or filings himself. I am sure that Lynn Thomas or her father didn’t draw these legal papers up or the arguments in them. They appear to be another fantasy/fiction dreamed up by Walker. I would say Walker is walking himself into disbarment proceedings again, however this time, his actions in these cases will doom him. No way around that at all.

    Also, as an attorney, Walker is about as good at the practice of law as a slug. I wouldn’t pay the guy to handle a traffic ticket, much less complex litigation. He is way out of his element in court as previously seen with his Virginia lawsuit being tossed out as improper, and his Maryland case from a year ago tossed out within a month of filing it by Judge Motz.

    It is my understanding from looking at the records that Walker even appealed the dismissal and paid the fee for it, but never even responded to the court after it, thus forfeiting his money and his appeal. It is evident that Walker is not capable of handling cases in court, I think it is why he never really practiced in court.

    Walker has this belief that he is a legal scholar without ever practicing law. Also, it is evident he is too scared in court to practice law. That is probably why he went to a healthcare company as their in house counsel instead of opening a practice. It didn’t require any real effort to work in that field on his part, and even in that job he failed miserably and was eventually terminated for incompetence and a host of other problems..

    I think he a paranoid lunatic myself, I think he has shown tendencies of immaturity, maybe never really grew up, man in a child’s body so to speak, and has delusions of grandeur when acting out his fantasies. His parents probably knew he was a problem child and had issues, and I think they did everything they could for him, but even that failed.

    I also think Walker is probably autistic in some way or was, and never really made it into adulthood. I mean who else does what he does out there and calls himself normal? Plus, the fact that he can’t see how abnormal he is makes it easy to understand his problems. He wants attention focused on him all the time, he wants to be known as some major league character, like in his wretched book. Its all fantasy of course. You have seen these guys in the news who later get caught for xyz problem, they all claim that they got caught up in their fantasy and lost track of themselves and what it was like to be normal.

  • Ken Ashford

    As an actual lawyer who has practiced law in an actual law firm and not got fired, I’ll just say that It is a fuzzy line where “merely giving legal advice” becomes an “attorney-client” relationship. I’m sure what Walker has done is given some email advice, and probable overstated his “relation” with those people.

    I have been familiar with Aaron Walker since 2003 when both he and I blogged and commented frequently at a site called “Freespeech”. This was before he even graduated from law school. He’s not above lying — for years he blogged and posted under a pseudonym — which isn’t lying in my book, but then he claimed it WASN’T a pseudonym… which IS lying.

    But worse than his mendacity is his complete and utter lack of legal prowess. When he writes, he adopts the superior tone of someone who has had extensive experience in trial and courts (“You see, dear reader, lawyers learn that when….”). The truth is, whatever he has “learned” as a lawyer, it has been second- or third- hand. At best, he learned from *other* lawyers’ trial experiences (having overheard them), not from his own.

    And that’s why he is the poster boy for the adage “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. He *sounds* — to the layman — like someone who knows what he talking about, but to an actual lawyer who has practiced law, he is downright incompetent in some of the things he says. And I mean, hilariously incompetent.

    In the end, he is his own worst enemy. He is a defendant in a defamation case. Most people would have the common sense to simply shut up if they were sued for defamation, guilty or not. But Walker can’t help but preen himself, and in blogging about the case, Walker *continues* to make even more defamatory statements. The best evidence of Walker’s character can be found on his blog — it is clear that he is, and enjoys being, a bully to Kimberlin and his family.

    Serious psychological problems.

    • Hypatia

      Thank you so much for stopping by and offering your insight into these happening regarding Aaron Walker-Worthing, lol. 🙂

      Whenever I’ve bothered to read that man’s blog, it reads more like a true-crime book or over-dramatized fiction. “The truth is, whatever he has “learned” as a lawyer, it has been second- or third- hand. At best, he learned from *other* lawyers’ trial experiences (having overheard them), not from his own.”

      I’ve always thought his blog kind of read in that manner – like utter, pure fiction hyped up to appeal to a dramatic, paranoid audience. You’ve helped clarify some of my feelings on that.


    • Aaron Walker Lunatic

      “Serious psychological problems.”

      That is how I view it as well. Walker has serious psychological problems in my opinion. He is filled with hate and anger that is often misdirected, and usually at phantoms in his head. He thinks everyone that comments against him is the same person. He constantly refers to things he knows nothing about as if he is the only one that knows the truth about it. He always acts as if there is some real truth to be obtained if only he could get to it which seems to never come.

      I could go on and on about him, but there isn’t much point to it other than to say he has in my opinion, very severe psychological problems. I have never seen a guy being sued for defamation to go out and continue the defamation as if he could care less about it. Walker seems to operate on the idea that nothing can hurt him. Maybe its that “I don’t have anything to lose so why not continue it attitude.” In a way that is a gamblers addiction. You are at the table and the dealer is beating you down pretty hard, so instead of realizing that you are beat or it isn’t your day and getting up and leaving, you instead start doubling down on every hand hoping that you will strike it big and win it all back.

      So in a nutshell, Walker has those same problems. He has no money, no real job to speak of, no legitimate practice that brings in any type of real money, no assets to go after, and no hope for the future. So in a large way he just keeps doubling down until nothing is left. Then he will blame others for what happened to him, never admitting that it was his handling of the problems that caused his own demise.

      If you look at how he was fired, he blamed PHRI for his termination, and even though they were the normal sane people in the room looking at him as a total psychological wreck, he blamed them for the “shabby” way he was treated — which on the surface was extremely stupid. Then he left the employees he worked with in danger for his own hatred that he spread on the internet, and cowardly walked away from them leaving them to deal with it, then excused that cowardice with they fired him so why should he step up to the plate and help them.

      If you watch his feeds, all he does is attack people for their beliefs just to get a rise out of them, only to set himself up as the only authority on the matter. Claiming in court papers that he is a legal scholar is another one of his fantasies that he tries to pass off on people until they finally figure out he is nothing of the sort.

      What social media does for him is it allows him to build his self esteem up or get that injection of self esteem when others congratulate him for whatever attack he launched against someone else. He doesn’t actually see that the only people who agree with him are other lunatics like himself.

      In a way its a sad thing to see, but in other ways its hilarious to watch if it didn’t involve so many other people’s lives who have to deal with the consequences of his actions. I guess there is a special place in hell for people like Walker, but he probably doesn’t care about that either. All he sees is that people talk about him, and that is what he craves which is the attention, be it negative or positive it is all the same to him, attention.

  • Bill Schmalfeldt

    I see Walker as the font from which all this madness flows. He stokes it. He fires it up. He gets people like Hoge to file 367 fraudulent criminal charges, whispering in his ear, “You’ll WIN this time.” Once that fails, he tells Hoge “file a copyright infringement suit” while forgetting to tell him that “ya gotta apply for the copyrights before you file the infringement suit.” He’s the sort of pudgy little pie boy who gets off on calling other people names. He lives by his hatreds. He’s not above grabbing his buddy Hoge, heading to a Bethesda court room to watch his mortal enemy and his enemy’s wife play out their marital difficulties in court. He convinces Hoge to put his money up to “defend” the poor woman and offers her more if she will only lie to the judge and say things against his enemy. She refuses and goes back to her husband, and he STILL cannot bring himself to leave her and her family alone. If he calls you a “convicted terrorist” he doesn’t NEED an actual conviction because — KIMBERLIN! If he calls you a “pedophile”, he doesn’t need a charge or conviction because — KIMBERLIN! If WJJ Hoge had a working pre-frontal cortex, he would negotiate a settlement with me TODAY and reveal everything he knows about Aaron “Worthing” Walker’s manipulation into the legal affairs of folks across the board. It’s too bad that Mr. Hoge has purchased BARRELS of Walker’s snake oil, and now stands a very good chance of ruining his family’s security by being forced to pay out huge judgements. Unfortunately for Mr. Hoge, HE has money while Walker is pretty well judgment-proof. Oh well. I offered to just walk away. He filed for yet another peace order. I wonder whose idea THAT was.

  • A Reader

    How about the fact that Kimberlin didn’t pay for Restricted Delivery? How about the USPS tracking system shows he didn’t send it Restricted Delivery? How about those pics don’t even show where or when they were taken? How about all the other cards he admitted to forging? What about the summons he admitted to forging? First time in history for that too. He is a convicted perjurer and forger. He has had to admit to numerous forgeries in this case already. You show some nice pics and make claims but offer no proof to back up your statements. Go check…He didn’t pay for it, USPS doesn’t list it, he’s forged it before Who you are going to believe, the USPS or the convicted perjurer and forger who already admitted to doing this very thing is the state AND federal cases he has going?

    And BTW, “who was unmasked last year as the hatemonger and hypocrite behind the “Kimberlin Unmasked” Blogspot domain and Twitter account.” Did I miss something in court? Neither of those people has been “unmasked” or proven to be KU. Of course the master internet detective said they were, but he also recently earned himself a few more restraining orders because he is a clueless man who doxes people incorrectly on a regular basis so I wouldn’t be taking his word for it. What you should have said, if you were being honest which you mostly aren’t, is “who is suspected of being”. But I guess when your boss says to say something, you just say it whether it’s true or not. Hope he is paying you well.

    • James

      Did you go to court? because you asked if you missed something in court. Which court cases have you attended and witnessed with your own eyes?

    • B Reader

      “How about the fact that Kimberlin didn’t pay for Restricted Delivery?”

      Is that some sort of legal precedent? Doubtful that makes a difference. Problem is they replied, and federally at least that is considered notice. So not sure if it really matters what was paid or what they collected or what was charged or not charged. I think the point is that they were served despite their attempts to evade it 🙂

      “How about those pics don’t even show where or when they were taken?”

      I think the tracking number is sufficient for showing it, and I think that tracking number is what Hoge used for his so called evidence for his post, and what Walker used for his motion, which he clearly filed for Lynn Thomas. My question really boils down to the facts of the cases before them. They don’t even address the facts. Seems they prefer to bog it all down with minor points of BK is this, and BK didn’t comply with this issue or that issue, but they don’t really address the facts of the case, which tells me that the defense of such past activity is going to be very hard to defend.

      “And BTW, “who was unmasked last year as the hatemonger and hypocrite behind the “Kimberlin Unmasked” Blogspot domain and Twitter account.” Did I miss something in court? Neither of those people has been “unmasked” or proven to be KU.”

      From what I have read, Lynn Thomas/KU slipped up and posted from her home IP which was subpoenaed from her service provider. So it can’t be more clear than that. I believe that issue has already been resolved and fighting that issue only makes your group look really stupid. But feel free to waste time on it in court, since Walker et al feels that time is best spent arguing small details like that..

      “Of course the master internet detective said they were, but he also recently earned himself a few more restraining orders because he is a clueless man who doxes people incorrectly on a regular basis so I wouldn’t be taking his word for it.”

      Recently received more restraining orders? Or is that a misdirection on your part? I see that Hoge filed for more, but so far was denied. You see, its statements like those that you can only back up in your own group that wont play over here when dealing with facts. You can make up all the phony statements you want, but when you come here you need to be more on point fact wise. This is the intelligent side of the scene, not the dodo bird 4th grade reader level of your side. Sorry to disparage you, as its not meant as a rude comment towards you.

      “What you should have said, if you were being honest which you mostly aren’t, is “who is suspected of being”. But I guess when your boss says to say something, you just say it whether it’s true or not. Hope he is paying you well.”

      As I said prior, a subpoena was issued to the service provider from what I have read, and it clearly showed who owned the IP. Of course as I also said, you are free to continue to debate such a point, and in the end when it is more clear to you, you are also welcome to come back and say how wrong you in fact were. I of course won’t hold out any hope for that from you, but the offer is there nonetheless.

      As for paying people, I hardly think commentors are paid here, but if they are, it sounds like a nice gig, too bad though it doesn’t pay. Be nice to go out and buy a few extra things now and again..

      • Mark in MD

        The other problem is that if Kimberlin or Bill ever tried to slow up a case by nitpicking minute details/conspiracy theories, A Reader would laugh it off. When it’s his side, though, it is a slam dunk defense. If Lynn Thomas thought she had a surefire case, she wouldn’t be filing bankruptcy, now. Give it time and pretty soon Ali and McCain will follow suit. The only ones left will be Hoge and Walker and they’ll be writing some big checks to Kimberlin. Hopefully, Bill will get several, as well.

        • Right Wing Victims Association

          Very well said Mark. Everything BK does is somehow a win for them, everything he doesn’t do is also a win. So after BK won his last case against them, he went on to other things while they constantly defamed/libeled him. Then when he finally sued it was all their stupid comments that he is a vexatious litigant, they are victims of his wrath etc etc.

          My perspective is that they wanted him to sue them. They sat around for over a year baiting him, calling him every name in the book, claiming he was every type of demon out there. Then he finally sued and now they are victims again. It is too easy for a laymen to see, and even easier for the educated to see.

          I am confident they will lose, then they will sell more bumper stickers that say there is no justice in Maryland, or BK owns Maryland or Maryland is for criminals etc. They are perpetual victims, if they aren’t victimized by someone, they go out and look for someone to victimize them, then it starts all over again.

          Doesn’t take too long to see them for what they are. Uneducated losers.

    • LOL thank you for playing.

  • Bill Schmalfeldt

    Well, naturally. We’re ALL shills for Kimberlin.

    Here’s what I don’t understand. Are you folks contending that to save a few bucks Kimberlin is PRETENDING to send these things “Restricted” when he isn’t? What would POSSIBLY be his reason for that? How does that make his case stronger? How does that prove anyone’s guilt or innocence? What does he have to gain, other than making a few right wing cerebral arteries pop like busted water pipes?

    And most of all, why are you all having strokes about it. I just told a friend of mine they don’t give these Federal Judge jobs to chimps. Here’s a thought. Before we roll out the guillotine, howzabout we wait for a verdict, eh?

    • How dare you insert LOGIC in this situation! These people are HATERS, they don’t follow your silly RATIONALISM.

  • A Reader’s Guilty Conscience

    Aaron Walker has ruined his life, his credibility and his career with his nonsensical weenie jihad against Brett Kimberlin. From the moment Andrew Breitbart found Kimberlin as a target for inciting rage on his blog, Walker was eager to inject himself into the situation for fame (although he wanted to remain anonymous as he did so).

    There’s no reasoning with Walker. He is simply insane, imo. I can’t believe the other 20 defendants don’t hate him and Hoge for constantly bleating on about the case, generating public interest and broadcasting legal strategy for all the word to see. And that strategy IS OBVIOUS.

    You don’t even need a trained eye to see that they know they will lose the case, they are simply stalling until Kimberlin gives up or can no longer answer countless ridiculous motions that they all file with reckless abandon. The first judge in the federal case saw this and made a case management order just so he wasn’t buried in the rantings of Walker and Hoge alone.

    The generally neurotic “NYPD Blue” commenters at Hoge’s blog are ever waiting for that victory, the one as in Hoge obtaining his questionable peace order. However, as they log in each day they are reminded they can only resort to “you’ll get ’em next time” expressions. Kimberlin may be the very evil person they say he is, but they have decided that they too are above obeying the law in their ridicule of him.

    The copyright case against Schmalfeldt is just icing on the cake. I can’t believe someone would waste a federal court’s time and resources to entertain a lawsuit concerning a blog almost no one reads. I do hope the judge slams the gavel hard on hoge and he is dismissed with prejudice (even mores declared the vexatious litigant that he is). Hoge, in his retirement, has become one of those senile old wannabes filling complaints until a judge finally gets tired of it. He/they are truly making a mockery of the justice system.

    This is no longer political, this is stupid. And everyone should thank Aaron Walker for putting them all in the positions they are in today.