Aaron J. Walker, a right wing nutbag attorney who tweets as @aaronworthing was bitched slapped once again by the Maryland Court of Special Appeals in Kimberlin v. National Bloggers Club, the defunct teabag bloggers club which was running a years long smear campaign against Brett Kimberlin and his family. Walker, a Yale educated attorney, who spends most of his time on Twitter practicing twitter law by telling everyone online that only he’s right and everyone else is wrong, got his ass handed to him for the 4th time by the Maryland appeals court. This time it may have cost him everything in that case.

The disgraced Yale educated attorney who was a part of a Breitbart inspired crew of cyberstalkers and losers from the lunatic fringe has been in a 5 year campaign of stalking and smearing the Kimberlin family over some long ago perceived slight, has now lost pretty much everything they had hoped to gain by their smears using alternative facts in the court system. Walker’s crew of malcontents have been using a strategy to overwhelm the courts with frivolous nonsense that has no basis in fact in an attempt to get the courts to throw out cases because of all the convolution and complexities they throw into the mix. Their hope is that the courts will throw up their hands in exasperation and dismiss cases because no one in their right minds can make sense of it.  Using tactics much like the Obama birther Orly Taitz and Larry Klayman, formerly of Judicial Watch, these wingers attempt to distract the judicial system with wild conspiracy theories and nutbag arguments they themselves created. The courts often see these cases as a stupid waste of time and throw them out because they are too focused on nutbag conspiracies which are easily seen as what they are, flagrant attempts to muddy the waters with lunatic fringe arguments. Courts usually just wash their hands of it when they see that coming.

Walker, who has likened himself to Martin Luther King, is no stranger to the Breitbart lunatic fringe base. That base feels that Walker is a legal genius of some sorts and supports his efforts as smearing people just because he can. Walker, who was outed years ago as a hater of Islam and Muslims, and who spent his working hours drawing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in a sad and pathetic attempt to copy other people who started that smallish movement, ended up taking issue with Kimberlin when he lost his job working at a healthcare company when Walker disclosed to the company that he was this prolific Muslim hater who desired extremist muslims to come to Manassas Virginia and engage in a gun battle with him if they didn’t like what he was doing. Upon learning of Walker’s obsessions with hating Muslims, they quickly fired him and his bed pan cleaning wife, which Walker then blamed Kimberlin for. Ever since then, Walker and his crew of cyberstalkers have been on a crusade to destroy the Kimberlin’s, up to and including his wife and minor children and anyone who he has ever talked to or befriended.

A year ago Walker and several libertarian attorneys filed an appeal brief to allow them to overturn a law protecting children from online harassment. Walker had asked the high court to overturn Graces Law claiming it was unconstitutional. Walker claimed that it was a violation of his 1st amendment right to have a law aimed at protecting children from his ability to harass or stalk them online. That case was thrown out because Walker failed to tell the other attorneys in the case that he had no leave to file said brief with the higher court, which once again showed Walker to be an incompetent douchebag.

This time, his 4th motion to dismiss the Kimberlin v. National Bloggers Club case in the Maryland court of special appeals was denied, because when he filed his brief he failed to include the record extracts to cases he was trying to cite from defendants who had already settled the case with the Kimberlin’s. When you cite cases in your brief you have to file a record extract with each citation. Walker, showing just how dumb he actually is, spent his entire brief citing cases with no record extract, which Walker complained was done because he didn’t want to pay for the record extracts, and felt that the judges on the court should have to go look for those extracts themselves. When they told him they weren’t going to do that, Walker decided instead to file an emergency motion to allow him to file without the extracts, and also to have an emergency hearing on the matter so he could school the high court judges on his legal acumen, as if he and he alone knew better than them on what the issues and rules were. Of course allowing such an ex-parte hearing would have been unprecedented, and Walker should have known that it was futile to do so. But, as in cases past, Walker thought he could run roughshod over the court with his frivolous conspiracy nonsense and delaying tactics just like he had done before in the lower courts. Only this time the higher court was not amused, and swiftly denied him his hearing. Not only that, he is now late to the table in filing his brief, which was due on March 24th 2017. Now, Walker has to spend a tidy sum of money in the hopes that the court will accept his late brief, which of course is a gamble that Walker will have to take if he wants to have his lunatic fringe arguments heard. And the gamble is that he will have to cough up all that money and actually spend time on completing a brief and then sending 15 copies to various interests in the case, which could end up with Walker’s brief being stricken because its too late for him to file. Again this shows what an incompetent fool Walker really is.

Kimberlin filed his brief on time, and the court also said he had to include the record extracts which Kimberlin then paid for and obtained and refiled his brief which was quickly accepted. Then when Walker filed his lunatic brief, Kimberlin responded that Walker was just doing his usual schtick of muddying the waters and overwhelming the court with frivolous nonsense in the effort to be treated as a special snowflake who was too much of a pathetic loser to follow the rules that the courts have laid out for parties to follow. The brief Kimberlin filed is below:


Appellant Brett Kimberlin hereby responds in opposition to Appellee Walker’s Emergency Motion to Accept his Brief on Appeal.

This Court has already denied three of Appellee Walker’s Motions to Dismiss in this case which raised most of the same complaints he raises in his Emergency Motion.  Appellee cannot keep raising the same issues over and over while expecting a different result.
As Appellant made clear in his response to Walker’s previous complaints, if Walker is not satisfied with Appellant’s Record Extract, he can file his own Record Extract or Appendix.  This is precisely what Rule 8-501(e) states:

(e) Appendix in Appellee’s Brief. If the record extract does not contain a part of the record that the appellee believes is material, the appellee may reproduce that part of the record as an appendix to the appellee’s brief together with a statement of the reasons for the additional part. The cost of producing the appendix may be withheld or divided under section (b) of Rule 8-607.

This Court correctly ordered Appellee Walker to resubmit his Appeal Brief because he made many cites in his brief that were not part of the record extract.

Appellee, in a prior motion, stated that he did not provide his own record extract because he did not want to pay the expense of the extract.

Appellee in his brief repeatedly cites documents filed in the Circuit Court or federal court that are not in the Record Extract.  For example:
Page 4—“assigned to Judge Mason. R. 13.”
Page 5—“motion to dismiss (“Walker MTD”). R. 105.”
Page 9 fn 1—“ECF No. 152” and “ECF 240…pars7-9.”
Page 10—“Exhibit A to Mr. Walker’s Original MTD (R 6).”
Page 13—“has alleged that one exists. R.91 at pars 183-86.”
Page 22—“and/or frightening. FAC par 128.”
Page 24—“motions to dismiss (R 44, 46, and 49).”
Page 25—“See Twitchy MTD, p. 7.”
Page 26—“Twitchy MTD. p. 5.”
Page 27—“Twitchy MTD’s argument, p. 7.”
Page 29—“in the Twitchy MTD.”
Page 30—“Twitchy MTD, p. 9-10.”
Page 30—“Blaze MTD, p. 13.’
Page 31—“Blaze MTD, p. 26-27.”
Clearly, it is improper and a violation of the Rules to cite to documents that are not part of the Record Extract.

Moreover, in Appellee’s Fourth Motion to Dismiss which is included in his Appeal Brief, Appellee Walker makes dozens of citations to motions filed in the Circuit Court that are not part of the Record Extract.

When Appellant Kimberlin originally filed his Record Extract with this Court, he was ordered to resubmit it to comply with the Rules, and he did.  Appellee Walker, an attorney, should not be treated differently than Appellant.

All of the other Appellees who filed briefs in this case have done so without making the meritless complaints that Appellee Walker has made or blaming Appellant.
Appellee Walker’s litigation strategy is apparently to create chaos in the hope that this Court will be distracted or confused as to the issues. Appellee Walker asks this Court for a hearing, which is unheard of in this appellate court for a meritless motion. Also, Appellee’s proposed order is entitled “Order of Dismissal,” yet the motion never mentions any dismissal.

When this Court denies Appellee Walker’s motion, he will invariably ask this Court to grant him additional time to file a corrected brief, which should not be allowed. Since this Court issued its order to Appellee, he has spent every day arguing with people on Twitter by posting thousands of meaningless tweets.  That time should have been spent correcting his appeal brief.

Appellee admits that his conduct in this case has caused far too much “drama,” yet he portrays himself as a victim of Appellant or the Court. Then he moves this Court for an unprecedented hearing to explain his drama. Clearly, this Court understands what is going on with Appellee Walker. This drama is what he thrives on and what caused federal Judge Grimm to impose a Case Management Order to limit Appellee’s filings, and what caused Judge Mason in another case to tell Appellee that he could not file any more lawsuits in Montgomery County without a Maryland lawyer.

Wherefore, for all the above reasons, this Court should deny Appellee Walker’s Emergency Motion to Accept Brief.


The court ended up buying Kimberlin’s argument and denied Walker’s lame attempt to have him treated as a special snowflake who deserved special treatment by the high court.


Kimberlin v. NBC, COSA by Breitbart Unmasked on Scribd

You see, one of Walker’s arguments is that he’s broke, and because of that he doesn’t want to have to spend money on lunatic fringe arguments that he knows will fail. And because of that he needs special consideration by the court for not having the money to file a brief in the matter. Walker, who some say has been funded by convicted felon Ali Akbar and WJJ Hoge, his paralegal, who has deeper pockets than Walker has, will now have to cough up even more money in the hopes that Walker’s sad and pathetic attempts at delaying the proceedings will finally be accepted by the court. Walker will now have to spend the money on the record extracts and the costs of the multiple copies of briefs if he wants to stay in the game. Of course Kimberlin could then file a motion to have his brief stricken because its very late, and the court, already knowing that Walker’s fringe emergency motion was nothing more than a delaying tactic, may decide to just chuck Walker overboard for failing to file on time, which would then result in more money flushed down the drain by those who pay Walker for his stupidity.

What is sure in this case, is that the court of special appeals seems to be taking this case seriously. Of course there is no way to know which way they will eventually rule on the issues, but the one sure thing is they have Walker’s number, and they don’t intend to allow Walker to run roughshod over them with bullshit. Walker and his crew of malcontents have kept these losses a secret, and primarily because they don’t want the rest of their crew to know just how incompetent Walker really is. But its pretty much a forgone conclusion these days that Walker never paid any attention to the law in class, and basically fluffed it off like everything else he has done in his miserable pathetic life. All Walker really seems to want to do in life is to sit at home playing xbox games while playing armchair attorney with people on Twitter, where anyone that argues the facts with him are either smeared for being wrong or stupid, while Walker is right or just plain smarter than them. Of course the reality is that Walker couldn’t win a simple traffic ticket case. He hangs his shingle on the bathroom door where he practices law while sitting on the toilet shitting out tweets like the pathetic loser he’s always been.